12 June 2014

Naruto Shippuden Final Battle (Naruto vs Sasuke)

The story of Naruto shippuden episode illustrates the memory of the fight Sasuke on Naruto with him. Described Sasuke was sitting pensively at the top end of the valley. The place where the fight Madara and the first Hokage. Sasuke beat Naruto with hatred wanted. Here are some pictures taken from the site youtube about naruto fight against sasuke. Naruto with kyubi power of the first tail against Sasuke with cidori strength. In this time the story of Naruto Sasuke looks at the person behind the time at the end of the valley. He is a member named tobi or obito akatsuki. Illustrated that Sasuke Tobi approached to go somewhere. 
Seen also the third Hokage Jiraiya and Naruto are together. Naruto to remember his past he insisted to bring Sasuke back to Konoha village. Seen also Orochimaru who was fighting with Naruto.