22 September 2009

Naruto Shippuuden 120 Kakashi Gaiden (1)

Kakashi: In the world of Shinobi, those who violate the rules is trash. But, those who betrayed his friends are lower than trash.
Around 10 years ago ... Five of Shinobi country in chaos. Battle of the shinobi village involving occurred in the border areas of each country. The prolonged war down power Hi no Kuni. Until country military personnel. A large number were killed Gakure Konoha shinobi. This war is called the Great War to the Three Ninja.

Hokage Building
Sandaime Hokage was discussing with Go Ikenban
Hokage: The enemy attacked through this route
Homura: Attacking?
Hokage: We've thought about a strategy to defeat them
We have no choice but to send Jounin Namikaze Minato and Kakashi Hatake, Obito Uchiha and Rin. We tell them in this mission
Homura: I think this is not good, they are all still too young.
Koharu: In this critical situation, we have no choice

Room Hokage

Hokage and Go Ikenban

Uchiha Obito


Hatake Kakashi

Namikaze Minato

Obito jumping in the trees.
Obito: Code Red. At this rate, I should be.
Tripped over a tree root Obito that fall.
Obito: Am I late?
Kakashi: Yes. Obito. You're too late. So we'll see what time the deal? If you are a shinobi, you must follow the rules.
Obito: Well. I was on the road ... there are old grandmothers carrying heavy loads and ask for directions. And again my eyes.
Kakashi: You're lying right?
Minato: Come on Kakashi. Obito show the way to the old grandmother. Right?
Obito: I also carry luggage.
Kakashi: You're too easily fooled Sensei! Where there may be an old granny over Obito any time.
Obito shed eyedrops.
Kakashi: Shinobi who violate the rules is trash. Correct?
Obito: You've got a feeling this little dong! What are you talking about just the rules and regulations strictly? The most important thing is self-control.
Rin: Come on, come on. We're a team.

Obito late

Obito shed eye drug

Rin compose

Kakashi: You're too soft on Obito, Rin. Besides this important day for me.
Rin: Yeah. True.
Obito: What the hell?
Minato: From now on, Kakashi is a Jounin like me. To improve our efficiency, we will split into two teams. Moreover, while gakure Konoha lack of military strength.
Obito: Separated? So?
Minato: Yeah. True. Kakashi will be taicho in three-man team with Rin and Obito. I will work alone.
Rin: Remember what we talked the other day, Obito! About gift for Kakashi.
Obito: I'm sorry. I forgot.
Minato: It's a gift from me. Kunai personal design. Shape rather strange and a bit heavy. But if it was used to be easy.
Kakashi: Thank you.
Rin: And this from me. This is it. Personal medical devices. I modified slightly for ease of use.
Kakashi: Thank you.
Mengadahkan hand on Kakashi Obito.
Obito: Hey. Why the hand? I do not have any gifts.
Kakashi: Yeah. Anyway. Not surprising. Besides getting a useless gift that will only be trouble.

Minato presented Kunai

Rin presented medical equipment

Kakashi asked for a gift to Obito

Obito: I still can not understand why you can be Jounin.
Kakashi: You should understand.
Obito: I was Uchiha Obito Uchiha clan. I'll in front a time when my Sharingan active.
Kakashi: Everyone in the Uchiha is a great person. You should not have to depend on something like that.
Obito: What?
Rin: Come on, you two.
Minato: Never mind, I will explain our mission to you. We have been close to the border.
Minato open the map.
Minato: Notice. This line. Here Tsuchi no Kuni forces now invaded Kusa no Sato. Our enemies are Gakure Iwa shinobi. We have received reports that there have been 1000 shinobi there.

Obito did not bring a gift

Kakashi and Obito debate

Minato explains the mission

Obito: They have strengthened the squad since the last time.
Kakashi: Hi no Kuni bordered by Kusa no Sato. We should have been there a long time ago.
Rin: Based on the size. They must have a professional special forces.
Minato: our mission is here. Kanabi Bridge. To destroy the enemy at the same time, we need ... shinobi very much. So shinobi like our focus on sabotage, selected in small quantities.
Kakashi: Bridge you say? This means that infiltration mission.
Minato: Team Kakashi. Your mission is to infiltrate enemy territory. You have to destroy the bridge that used to supply food and other support assistance. If completed, back soon.
Kakashi / obito / rin: Good.

Kusa no Sato


Obito: And you sensei?
Minato: I'll face the enemy directly in the battlefield. I made the transfer for you. Kakashi-kun, you are taichou this time. We'll be together until the border. But after that, your mission begins.
Kakashi cs: Good.
Minato cs run on the border. Kakashi stopped
Minato: Good. Kakashi.
An enemy spy. He is a ninja of the United Gakure, Mahiru.
Mahiru: They already know ... they're good, too. (See Minato) him. Oh no. No way. I'll just have menantau deh.
Minato concentration
Minato: One ... oh ... all ready. They have twenty. But it could have been just bunshin Kage no jutsu.

Konoha no Kiroii Senko

Minato and Kakashi

Obito and Rin

Kakashi: I think sensei right. I will attack. Please back up me.
Minato: Do not be reckless Kakashi. You should back up me.
Kakashi: Sensei. I was taichou this time. Besides, I wanted to test my new jutsu.
Mahiru: He came
Kakashi: Chidori.
Obito: Jutsu is that?
Rin: Chakra extraordinary.
Kakashi: Okay.
Minato Kakashi blocked.
Kakashi: Whatever their number, with this jutsu I'll kill them all. Like the title Sensei. Moreover, as the Sensei said, right now, I'm his taichou. Rule said the team members must taichou obey you, Sensei?
Minato permit. Kakashi immediately move.
Mahiru: He attacked directly.
Mahiru attacked with Kunai. Minato threw a Kunai-Kunai Kunai protect Kakashi from the enemy.

Minato forbids Kakashi


Mahiru throwing weapons

Kusa no Sato

Kusa no Sato

Kakashi: your kunai attack left me know your position. Okay.
Minato help Kakashi with Kunai directed at the enemy so that Kakashi knows the direction.
Mahiru: He's fast.
Kakashi attack that turned out Mahiru Kage bunshin
Kakashi: Damn. Just bunshin Kage. Then the next one.
Mahiru appeared near Obito. Obito surprised. Minato soon kill Mahiru which was also bunshin Kage.
Minato: Do not be complacent.
Obito: Yes.
One by one Kage bunshin attacked Kakashi disappeared.
Kakashi: What was number 18.
Mahiru: Do not cocky, kid.
Mahiru attacked with a sword at the point where Kakashi off guard. In an instant, Minato Kakashi caught it but the sword could hurt Kakashi. Mahiru escape. Minato brought to Rin Kakashi

Mahiru attack Obito

Kakashi waited Mahiru

Minato help Kakashi

Rin: Kakashi.
Mahiru: I should be able to beat the little boy. But the movement that yellow hair fast. I know now.
A character on foot Fuin move Mahiru. Minato concentration. Minato dropped her bag. Before the bag to the ground. Minato was positioned behind Mahiru.
Rin: no Jutsu sensei Sunshin incredible speed.
Maher: No way. You are. Konoha no Kiiroi Senko. We in Gakure Iwa no Sato. Have been taught by our superiors, to run away if faced with. Now I understand why.
Minato kill Mahiru.
Rin treated with Iryo ninjutsu Kakashi.
Minato: Kakashi serious injury. We'll come back and join the others.
Kakashi: I'm fine.
Obito: None. You're hurt. All this because you do not hear the warning strike Sensei and play it.
Kakashi: I do not need to hear about it. Not from "the great Uchiha" who was scared.
Obito: A-I was and the tears.
Kakashi: Do you know the ethics Shinobi number 25? Regulations say abstinence showed shinobi tears.
Rin: Hey. Come on, you two.
Minato: Come on you two. Kakashi. Rules that are important. But it's not everything. Did not I teach you? There are times when the situation requires quick response in the face of the enemy.
Obito: I knew it. Listen tuh!
Minato: Obito, you too. Impossible eyes. You use the goggles. If you want to control yourself, do not just only. Do it in real action. And one more thing. Kakashi, you do not use that jutsu anymore. From what I saw. The attack is concentrated at one point, was clearly increased the speed and strength. But that just makes you move too fast to read the opponent's attack and stop. Jutsu is still not perfect. Before we parted. I want to say one thing. For shinobi, the most important is teamwork.
Night. Kakashi and Rin sleep. Minato guard on a rock.
Obito: Sensei
Minato: What?

Minato behind Mahiru

Rin treatment of Kakashi

Minato and Obito

Obito: I know that teamwork is important. But ... Kakashi always cynical of me for lack discipline. So ... I mean ... I know I'm just a lowly class of the great Uchiha clan. And I admit that Kakashi is a great person.

Shiroi Kiba

Minato: Kakashi is the son of the genius ninja. Sakumo Hatake. He called Konoha no shiroi Kiba. Even the big names not deemed legendary Sannin. His childhood was spent in the shadow of genius. So naturally I think he saw you were too short.
Obito: shiroi Kiba. I also heard that name. Heroes who died defending the village. Kakashi never mentioned it.
Minato: He's a great man. Someone who respected all people and of course Kakashi didesa own. But not until the incident.
Obito: Genesis?
Minato: I probably should have no right to tell you this. But because you're a team with Kakashi, I want you to know.
Obito: What happened?
Minato: Father Kakashi, both Sakumo suicide because of humiliation. Five years ago, he was taichou of the team that runs a difficult mission. They infiltrate the opponent's area. He was forced to make decisions. Mission or the lives of others. Of course. Based on the rules of the village, continuing the mission is important. But he decided to save his friends and ignoring the mission. This fact resulted in the defeat on the part of Hi no Kuni and Gakure Konoha. And he blamed for it. Moreover, was helping a friend even criticize. All these insults make Sakumo-san sick. Physical and mental. Since then Kakashi never mentioned something about his father. And he began to be very strict on things that smelled of rules. Obito. Try to understand, even if only slightly. Kakashi mean well.
Rin: Treatment smoothly. But do not push yourself or your wound will open again.
Minato: Let's go.

Suicide Sakumo

Rin care Kakashi

Preparing to go

Minato: We will separate from this point. Good luck you all. Enemy at the moment conduct surveillance alone. But now, we will fight with the team. Be careful.
Obito: Let's go. Taichou-san.
Kakashi was shocked. All smiles
Minato: Okay. Come. Disperse!
They parted.
Kakashi moved three cs. Somewhere, Kakashi team staked out the enemy.

Team Minato


Kokka and Taiseki

Kakko: Hey. Mahiru go lurking and not returned.
Taiseki: Do you think, boy that's the smell child killed. We ask. Ninpou Meisai Gakure no Jutsu. Taiseki Disappeared
Kakashi felt something was wrong and stopped. Team Kakashi attacked by something from above.
Obito: Sam Goukakyu no Jutsu
Obito fire destroy your opponent attacks. Invisible Taiseki sediment from behind. Kakko attacking from the front. Kakko but Kakashi face kidnap Rin Taiseki.
Taiseki: We'll take it.
Kakashi: Wait
Taiseki and disappeared with hostage Kakko Rin.
Obito: Damn.
Obito will pursue
Kakashi: Obito, do not go after them.

Taiseki kidnap Rin

Obito and Kakashi debate

Obito: What? Do you realize what you say?
Kakashi: Yes. We will continue the mission.
Obito: And Rin. What about Rin?
Kakashi: Rin Affairs later. The enemy wanted to know what we want. They will not kill him quickly. And fortunately, Rin is Iryonin. So even though he was a prisoner of war, he might be treated well as long as he treated wounded enemy. The problem is if the enemy knows our plans. If they know it. No doubt about it. They will increase the security around the bridge. This will make our mission more difficult.
Obito: Rin You assume safety based on unfounded assumptions? How when we are trouble. Who would not give up helping us? Currently, the safety Rin is the main priority over the mission.
Kakashi: A shinobi must be able to sacrifice for the success of his mission. That's the rule. If we fail in this mission. The possibility of war will grow old. And it would be g \ many more lives will be a victim.
Obito: It's just an assumption. And for something like that. You're going to ignore your friend? Which have been with you for this? When you and I were wounded, Rin saved us with Iryo ninjutsunya. If he's not there, we might be dead by now.
Kakashi: That's a task Rin.
Kakashi Obito beat until fall.
Obito: I do not like you.
Kakashi: I do not care. I was taichou. You must follow me. Whatever the situation, to make the team was always together, one person had to give orders. That is why we have rules stating that members must obey his orders taichou. Obito you're not so strong. That's why I appointed a taichou.
Kakashi Obito grabbed clothes.
Obito: Then why do not you try to save Rin? As you were strong Taichou. Strong enough to help your friend right?
Kakashi: If you follow your emotions for a moment. Then failed a mission. You'll regret later. That is our code of ethics prohibits personal feelings. You should know that.
Obito: Rin. Rin always ignored the things that concern you. That's why he gave you the gift of medical equipment. He even inserts a charm in it.
Kakashi: medical equipment and Iryonin is a great system. Developed by Konoha to increase the level of success of a mission. But I tell you yesterday is not it? Getting something useful is difficult.
Obito: Something that was useful?
Kakashi: In a mission, shinobi equipment is important to the shinobi. Something like the emotion is not helpful.
Obito: Are you serious? You really believe that?
Kakashi remembered his father
Kakashi: Yes. I believe it.
Obito: Forget it. You and I are like water and oil in the first place. I'll save Rin.
Kakashi: You do not understand anything.
Obito: not about what would happen if you break the rules. I believe shiroi Kiba is a true hero. Indeed in the world of ninja. Those who violate the rules is trash. But. Those who betrayed his friends are worse than trash. I'm going to be garbage, so I'd better just break the rules. And if it does not make me become a true shinobi. So I do not care about these things "shinobi"
Kakashi Obito left.


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