03 August 2009

Naruto Shippuden 113 Orochimaru vs Sasuke

Orochimaru cough

Orochimaru: It is close. Stay a little longer.

Kabuto: At this time. Chuunin Exam ... Shi no Mori (Forest of death) ... Three years have passed ...

Orochimaru (Orochimaru's memory): You want the earth we roll right?

orochimaru swallow earth reels.

Keep Orochimaru Kabuto

Orochimaru (Orochimaru's memory): Okay, Let's start ... contention coil. We will entrust our lives.

Sasuke fall.

Kabuto: Genin who fear will yourselves are now growing up.

Orochimaru: Sharingan young small time finds me. He is very talented. He was even able to use the Sharingan to good at the time. He was really great. With good training, he will become more intense from Itachi. Yes. That's what convinces me. With the Trauma, Sasuke will find me. Finding strength.

Kabuto Sasuke view card statistics

Kabuto: That is why you sign Juin give and take steps the chuunin exam in order to be able to see the reaction.

Orochimaru: Anko mean? That's just one. I really plan to attack Konoha. If his chakra absorb out by the strength of Yoroi, Sasuke kun will Juin forced to use force ...

Orochimaru (In memory Orochimaru): (View the chuunin exams when Sasuke against Yoroi) deliver now. Strength is ...

Yoroi (In memory Orochimaru): Kage buyou?

Kabuto Orochimaru to fetch water

Sasuke (In memory Orochimaru): Experience this ... (Signature Juin react and start to spread Sasuke's body) ... I will not let this absorb. (Sasuke successfully muted strength Juin ago disciplines Yoroi). Shishi rendan!

Orochimaru: Incredible. What else can I say? Juin spirit muted effects and how to use the Sharingan in a bind.

Kabuto: Pertarungan make a real ninja is cooked quickly. Indeed, the decision to continue making appropriate chuunin exam.

Orochimaru: I guess the case. He is growing rapidly.

Sasuke (In memory Orochimaru): (break down defense Gaara) Chidori!

Orochimaru: Excellent. He is doing very well. There is no reason guard in Konoha ... No one is as good as I can be taught. There is no other than that I can understand the darkness in his heart ...

Kabuto: with the color your ink. Orochimaru is not the same? Seems crushing Konoha Gakure only plan side. ... Time for me to prepare the medicine so that you can undergo Tensei Jutsu with no prime condition.

Sandaime Hokage (Orochimaru's memory): I will give you punish with the kind of punishment. You leave the poison jutsu your think. Will stop all your jutsu.

Orochimaru (Orochimaru's memory): Stop!

Sandaime Hokage (Orochimaru's memory): Fuin! (ruh hands cut off Orochimaru)

Orochimaru (Orochimaru's memory): my hand can not be moved ... damn parents ...

Orochimaru: That's why my jutsu from me in the pull. And when I tensei be delayed. But ... all the preparation has been completed and the plan has entered the last stage. Accident get it now. Finally, the body will be mine. Sasuke kun
ns113 05

ANBU reported


Hokage: What does this mean? Why not has a report from the monitoring team ANBU in the lake? Although we remove the interference from Orochimaru children, Sanbi still a big threat. If so, send troops to check and make it a priority.

ANBU: Both

Orochimaru in Akatsuki when

Itachi kill Orochimaru will

Orochimaru hideout

Orochimaru: I will do everything is in order ... my purpose not, I do so to explain the darkness that prevents jalanku.

Orochimaru remember when he was still in the Akatsuki. Orochimaru walked with Itachi and tried to kill Itachi.

Orochimaru cough

Kabuto: Orochimaru same!

Orochimaru: What do you Kabuto?

Kabuto: Are you OK with Orochimaru?

Kabuto running in the corridor

Orochimaru: I have only good things.. body that will be mine soon. I will do tensei shortly. I feel very happy.

Orochimaru cough-severe cough

Kabuto: You have reached your limits. In this case, if I did not immediately provide treatment rank 10, your body will ... I will immediately replace it treated.

Kabuto is running out

Kabuto: This is only a few minutes.

Sasuke meditation

Kabuto running in the corridor

Kabuto: Eve is frightening ... but the body should have been pass limitations. But he continues with only ability. This is why I can not leave the same Orochimaru. Hokage ... ... When you defeat the two giant heads Kazekage ... and when you step from the devastation Konoha no Sato Gakure ... When you ledendaris against Sannin, Tsunade and Jiraiya alone at the same time ... You have never seen so scary .... In fact, at this time, I can not imagine what it will be your future development as Orochimaru. If all goes smoothly, Isn'T to five Kage, even all the land will be subject in front you, Orochimaru same. When you get Sasuke's body.


shadows haunt Itachi Sasuke

Chidori nagashi

Sasuke is being meditation. Hallucination itachi shadow. Sasuke attacks with kunai practice jump while in the air as Itachi never did.

Hokage and Shizune

Orochimaru pain

Sasuke: Chidori Nagashi

Sasuke destroy equipment exercise with chidori. Sasuke out of the room and go to a place.


Orochimaru attacked


Hokage: What is the report valid?

Shizune: Yes. According to the troops sent to check the lake ... the ANBU guard there has disappeared. So also with Sanbi.

Hokage: Hmmm.

Shizune: sorry. This happened because I failed to fuin Sanbi. But who can do this?

Hokage: A person capable of handling Sanbi in a very short time ... Akatsuki?

Orochimaru hideout

Orochimaru: Price from tensei this is pain. But, can not be compared with the severity I will get him. Ha.ha.ha

Suddenly the sword cut through electrical leads to the door and Orochimaru. Orochimaru stop with hands

Orochimaru: This chakra naturally ... but I never see a change in the form of chakra before. Who is this?

Destroyed the door and Sasuke standing there.


Orochimaru attacked Sasuke

Orochimaru: You're coming ... also, as my guess.

Sasuke: No one else can I train from you. At this time ...

Juin on one level. Three tomoe Sharingan active

Juin-level and one three-tomoe Sharingan active

Sasuke: Kurasa I can not become a highly ...

Orochimaru (Orochimaru's memory): You do not kill them all very simple ...

Sasuke (recall Orochimaru): There are other people who want more I kill.

Orochimaru (Orochimaru's memory): If you do not become "high-talk", you will not be defeated Itachi.

Sasuke (recall Orochimaru): when I am dealing with it, I will not be high, whether I want or do not want.

Orochimaru attacked Sasuke

Sasuke: Orochimaru, you're weak of me. Nothing more I give you my body.

Orochimaru: proud of. You're only a child of the bird clan Uchiha

Sasuke: If I am not a squealer, you will not have a chance with. Ya kan? ... Try blandish "nestling" this. Shi no Mori at the time chuunin exam.

Sasuke (Sasuke's memory): Move. Katon no jutsu ryuuka

Orochimaru: I really wont you...

Orochimaru snake white

Form new orochimaru

Sasuke: You think you've formed a bond with through this.

Sakon (recall Sasuke): follow with us!

Tayuya (Sasuke's memory): If you participate, Orochimaru will give you the same strength.

Sakon (recall Sasuke): Do you participate or not?

Kidoumaru (Sasuke's memory): If the person is weak this time we throw, I just want to kill him.

Sasuke (Sasuke's memory): Try just killing me!

Sakon (recall Sasuke): You're not the only one to attract the same Orochimaru.

Sasuke vs. Orochimaru

Sasuke against pennon

Tayuya (recall Sasuke): we are bound to the same as Orochimaru get paid Juin strength through this. We no longer have freedom. To get the things we have to give something. What are you looking for?

Sasuke in arround snake

Sakon (recall Sasuke): do not forget your purpose.

Sasuke: I want revenge. I am ready to give my body if it means I can reach purpose. You only want to sharingan right? But. Itachi can not you lose... that is why you come with me. Nestling. That is true? They call you a genius Sannin. But you are just "gifted children are the usual" you can not even coordinate with the name of Uchiha. I can not take him. Although with the your talent that, you are just ordinary people Uchiha eyes. What you do ... try to get sickeningly Uchiha strength. With drown themselves in drugs and experiment on your body. Seems to be very funny and shameful in my eyes that holds the name of Uchiha, and also I do not like the way. Your purpose whether it? Moving from one hideout to another hideout, to experiment one wishes to play the life of people. Want to plead with the world reveals the mystery. You just continue to mock other people for reasons of egoism and foolish ...

Juin level two

Sasuke (Sasuke's memory): Why nii chan?

Itachi (Sasuke's memory): to measure my ability

Sasuke (Sasuke's memory): the ability to measure? But it? But what is the reason you kill everything?

Itachi (Sasuke's memory): it is important

Sasuke: You make me nausea

Orochimaru attacked Sasuke. Orochimaru remove something from the mouth. Orochimaru's body became weak as lifeless. Behind Sasuke has been shown White giant snake


Sasuke: a giant white snake. So this you original exist. You do the experiment for the experiment. So that it can move from one body to another body. And as this is the end?

Orochimaru: Sasuke now submit your body ...

Orochimaru: Sasuke now submit your body ...

Orochimaru attacks. Sasuke avoid. Juin Sasuke activates level two.

Sasuke: the snake crawl on the ground can only be a dream to fly in the sky. You want it with the ultra that you can pursue child birds. But you even become a victim. ... The eyes of a hawk fly in the sky.

Orochimaru: Sasuke.

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