09 August 2009

Data Up Orochimaru


Data Up

Born: Gakure Konoha No Sato, October 27, SN 38
Family: Genyumaru (wet nurse Fushi Tensei)
Team: Hiruzen (Sensei), Jiraiya (friend), Tsunade (friend), Anko (students), Sasuke (students), Kabuto (Son of fruit), Sasori (Akatsuki partner)
Experience: Jounin Konoha, Densetsu Sannin, Akatsuki, Leader Auto Gakure.
Debut: Naruto 27, chapter 45

Orochimaru is a very talented Shinobi. As candidates are ninja, Orochimaru became chuunin at the age of 6 years. Together with Jiraiya and Tsunade, he led by Jounin sensei Sarutobi Hiruzen who then served as Sandaime Hokage. Kejeniusan Orochimaru making it Hiruzen favorite Disciple.

Parents died when Orochimaru Orochimaru is still small. They dimakamkan Tomb in Konoha. Orochimaru berziarah a time to the graves of her parents accompanied Hiruzen. Hebi find Orochimaru skin that has changed its skin. Hebi or white snake is a very rare animal. Hiruzen commented that the tale of parents first, Hebi skin is the symbol of fortune and Saisei or regeneration. Hiruzen also added that parents may be pro-Orochimaru reincarnation back at that time and will meet Orochimaru in a moment. This is Orochimaru imprint on the memory. Hebi skin is treated properly. Give a special glass box and deems as a talisman.

Times as Orochimaru Shinobi decorated with war. Konoha doing a prolonged war with another nation-society. In a battle, Orochimaru lost one of his team in a war that is Nawaki, who is also the younger brother's friend, Tsunade. In another war, Orochimaru and Jiraiya and Tsunade involved with the fight Hanzou. The result Hanzou series and gave them the title Sannin.

Orochimaru Jounin sensei for Anko. At that time, the idea of a symbol of Hebi's very Saisei imprint themselves on Orochimaru. At that time, to meet with Orochimaru Shinnou, experts from iryo ninjutsu Sora no Kuni who are seeking information about Reibi in Konoha. From Shinnou, Orochimaru got a lot of knowledge about Saisei.

Accidentally, Orochimaru saw the potential of a very talented Shinobi namely Uchiha Itachi. Orochimaru is mengaguminya. Orochimaru the strength of the Uchiha clan Sharingan property which can easily copy a jutsu.

Orochimaru into space and learn the secret scroll-jutsu jutsu forbidden. A large roll in the secret room to make Orochimaru thinking "how long he can take all these jutsu?". Although he has no Saisei jutsu, but no Jutsu Saisei only make them ageless and not prevent it from death. Orochimaru then start doing research on immortality.

Experiences around the world gave him information about the special ability of a child's Gakure Left. The child is Juugo. With knowledge about Saisei no Jutsu added kejeniusannya, Orochimaru began to make a secret experiment. Orochimaru build some secret laboratory located in and outside of Konoha Konoha. In this laboratory, Orochimaru began to do research on Saisei ninjutsu and ninjutsu Juin higher based on the gen Juugo. Results from research that is Juin Jutsu Orochimaru. A jutsu that can provide additional power for them in a sign Juin.

The research, Orochimaru had a mission to Umi no Kuni students with Anko. At Umi no Kuni, Orochimaru also has a laboratory. On an island, Orochimaru gives Anko the signs Juin, Orochimaru said that people will die, if only receive Juin. However Anko is not dead, but Orochimaru was not great enough and leaves. Orochimaru Akatsuki meet and interested organizations to join therein.

Orochimaru to return to Konoha. Hiruzen intend langser from his Hokage. Options Hiruzen play as Hokage yondaime is Orochimaru. But the news began to circulate that Orochimaru seen many more strange Shinobi who disappeared connected with Orochimaru and make Hiruzen delay pelengseran occupation. ANBU troops Hiruzen send a check to the case. ANBU find evidence that Orochimaru to kidnap the Shinobi dijadikannya rabbit experiment.

Hiruzen and the ANBU in the successful memergoki Orochimaru laboratoriumnya. In an effort to arrest Orochimaru, Orochimaru attempted blurred. Pity Hiruzen on a very heavy heart with Orochimaru Orochimaru let go. Jiraiya mengejarnya and that membujuknya Seeks to return to Konoha but Orochimaru refused.

Not enough with the Juin Jutsu, Orochimaru percobaannya forward in Konoha. With the abduction of 60 newborn babies, Orochimaru implantasi the research on gen Hashirama to take power and Mokuton tame Bijuu. According to Orochimaru, the baby died. Orochimaru but does not realize that there is a baby who survived. Tenzo baby is a week later and then became a taichou in the ANBU with the code name Yamato. Orochimaru did not know this hurried note by Hiruzen. And he also left a successful experiment dikiranya failed.

Orochimaru began to join the Akatsuki. Orochimaru Sasori with a pair. Itachi took a moment to join. Orochimaru is very happy. In one occasion, the mission with Itachi Orochimaru. Orochimaru tried to kill Itachi, but Itachi even mengalahkannya successfully. Orochimaru out of the Akatsuki. Sasori menghadiahkannya an agent named as Kabuto from Sasori Pertemanan gifts.

Orochimaru knew that Sasori has implemented a jutsu to control so basically Kabuto Kabuto is a detective from Sasori. With kejeniusannya, menetralisir Orochimaru and Kabuto Kabuto become loyal followers. Orochimaru Kabuto bring to a Battlefield where Konoha involved therein ago leaving Kabuto own.

A head of the Konoha Iryonin from taking Kabuto's street children and make it lift. Kabuto then sekolahkan in the Konoha ninja academy, but still works as a detective in Konoha for Orochimaru.

Meanwhile Orochimaru mulia pursuivant explore and create many hiding from Konoha and Akatsuki. In the way, Orochimaru found a village in Ta no Kuni which are suitable to be a headquarters. Guren Orochimaru told to kill all the Villagers and then build the military there. Orochimaru successfully blandish Ta no Daimyou to form Gakure no Sato in the area. Finally Orochimaru Otogakure no Sato formed in the Ta no Kuni.

Up information obtained from eye-eyes, Orochimaru Sasuke knew about it also has a Sharingan. Orochimaru some time into Konoha to search for data. Orochimaru also had a cohort of Konoha. One is Mizuki.

In the years leading Auto Gakure, Orochimaru successfully start and propagate pursuivant deepens Tensei no jutsu. Orochimaru successfully with a secret death Fushi Tensei created that allows for switching from one body to another body so that he became immortal, but unfortunately, the body of a female trader only survive as much as 3 years.

Orochimaru began planning to attack Konoha. Children together fruit, Orochimaru successfully killed Kazekage yondaime yondaime Undercover and into Kazekage. As false Kazekage, Orochimaru commanded Suna Gakure to work with the Auto Gakure to attack Konoha. Rencaan in the bucket. At the time international chunin exam is held at slaughter Konoha.

In the chuunin exam, Orochimaru with Undercover as one of the participants to give the sign Juin Sasuke. When aggression takes place, dealing with the Hiruzen Orochimaru successfully killed him and then he returned to Auto Gakure.

Orochimaru Tayuya cs to send invites to Sasuke and Sasuke are willing Oto. Because of Sasuke, Orochimaru finally take the body Genyumaru as inangnya to 3 years. Orochimaru began a life nomaden from one hideout to another hideout. One of the Umi no Kuni.

In three years, taught many of Orochimaru jutsu on Sasuke. At the time of the switch to wet nurse, was faced with Orochimaru Naruto Yoko tails in the form of four.

When health is getting worse, Orochimaru Sasuke had ordered that search Shinnou help develop Saisei no Jutsu. Orochimaru also had told Kabuto but Kabuto subduct Sanbi failed.

When the day arrives where he must do in the Fushi Tensei Sasuke, Sasuke, and even refused to kill him. Sasuke took over all the property of Orochimaru.

Orochimaru that death had not yet appeared in contention Sasuke vs Itachi but eventually destroyed in the Ametarasu swallow.

Kabuto on Naruto cs revealed that Orochimaru is not dead yet. Orochimaru has performed on Fushi Tensei Kabuto. Ensure that Orochimaru Hinata has over 30% of Kabuto's body. However Kabuto states that he is not a docile pawn on Orochimaru. He will try to prevent this pengambila diverting. Kabuto wants to be more powerful from Orochimaru.

Ninja statistics and the ability

# In the area Ninjutsu, Orochimaru is a very genius. it was perfect to get the value of this area. From start Tsuchi Bunshin, Sen'eijashu, Hiru Bansho, Sen'ei Tajashu, Mandara no Jin, Kawarimi, Nan no Kaizo, Kuchiyose, Sanju Rashomon, Daitoppa, Sojasosai, Shushagan, Saisei is an example of its Ninjutsu
In Area # Taijutsu, Orochimaru is not a master. It gets the value 7. 7 However, the value of this field is enough to kill many enemies. Jagei Jubaku example Taijutsu is held.
In Area # Genjutsu, which Orochimaru was a very genius. For a non-Uchiha, far above the standard capacity. Kanashibari example Genjutsu is held
In Area # Inteligen, Orochimaru is very clever. It gets the value of perfect. He was not the only jutsu user. He can also modify a jutsu version. He Saisei modify as needed. He even created special Juin Orochimaru, Edo Tensei and Fushi Tensei.
# In the areas of strength and stamina, Orochimaru is not a master. Strength of a standard jounin. It gets the value 7. Perhaps because the focus on Ninjutsu, so he does not focus on this area.
# In the area of speed, Orochimaru get a very high value that is 9. This is a very good value to compensate for the strength, stamina and Taijutsunya
# In the area Fuin, Orochimaru ability is very high. Maybe Orochimaru in Naruto is a character that has high ability in the area most in this appeal to anyone. Gogyo Fuin, Juinjutsu, Fushi Tensei, Edo tensei example is the ability Fuin field.

overall, the average value is 8.75 Orochimaru statistics. This is one of the highest value at this time revealed. This is evidence severeness Orochimaru. In addition to the eight areas ninja, Orochimaru also has the Kusanagi no Tsurugi, the sword is very powerful. Orochimaru is also a great Analyst who can predict the far future. He is very clever memipulasi thoughts and feelings of people. This is what makes it have so many partisan.

Analysis of Pertarungan

* Pertarungan progress against Hanzou series. In fact at that time with Orochimaru Jiraiya and Tsunade. Unfortunately when the race was not how Reviewed kejadiannya. But that can be understood Hanzou was certainly a very great.
* Pertarungan against Itachi. Sejenius any one Shinobi, No means before an Uchiha. This time diucapkannya own Itachi still small. Fight against Itachi in Akatsuki when they short. Itachi successfully cut off the hand of Orochimaru and culminate in the secretion of Orochimaru Akatsuki. However, although the total statistics is under Orochimaru Itachi. so even though they fight without any Genjutsu, Itachi still win. However, if we mengasumsikan Itachi Sharingan without this will reduce a lot of value in statistics Itachi. Is likely a very big if Orochimaru can beat Itachi if he can avoid the Sharingan.
* Pertarungan against Orochimaru Kazekage yondaime. This contention is not seen in the anime and manga, however Kimimaru never told occurrence Kimimaru time, Kabuto and Orochimaru stood satisfied after the murder and child Kazekage fruit. We can assume that the combination of Orochimaru and the fruit is enough to kill a Kazekage
* Pertarungan against Hiruzen. teacher student fight the opponent. One of the most contention Seize page in the manga Naruto. Hiruzen how old that is the reason Hiruzen eventually killed by Orochimaru. However, the total statistics Orochimaru ditas Hiruzen. So be assumed, although the Hiruzen Orochimaru at the time primanya with embroidery and even kill Orochimaru. Orochimaru the chance is still very large.
* Pertarungan against Orochimaru Kyuubi no Yoko ekor 4. As an Akatsuki, Orochimaru never fear the Bijuu. When Naruto becomes Kyuubi no Yoko gembiranya with Orochimaru said that they were very entertaining fight. Although diakuinya that in the tails 4, the strength of Naruto no Yoko is strong enough to kill him.
* Pertarungan against Orochimaru Sasuke. As in akui by itself sasuke Sasuke that Orochimaru was considering the condition of the dying at that time, Sasuke had to predict victory. seen from the total statistics, still far above Orochimaru Sasuke, So if they are fair fight. Orochimaru then victory is very large.
* Pertarungan against Itachi. The fight against Itachi Sasuke Orochimaru appears, but again he tempil only briefly because he terhisap by the sword of Totsuka during this dicarinya. Orochimaru no genius who may lose out simply by Totsuka sword, but when added with Ametarasu it into another. Orochimaru get them from defeat Itachi.


Orochimaru actually has very deep ties bring the teacher Hiruzen. He is a student favorite Hiruzen. However Hiruzenlah who accidentally poison pikirannya with ideas Saisei (regeneration, the ability of the cuffs loose someone sick and elderly) and Tensei (incarnation, separated from the ability of someone's death). Mind which makes it dark and no longer look to its ties with their teachers. It is very ironic when the Saisei and Tensei Orochimaru, Orochimaru would kill Hiruzen.

Relationships with Jiraiya and Orochimaru Tsunade also running well. Friend as a team, Orochimaru also sad over the death and Nawaki And as the nearest person on Tsunade. But the ambition to become immortal in the making perasaannya remove Jiraiya and Tsunade.

Orochimaru and Kabuto relationship is very good progress. Although Kabuto dihadiahkan Sasori is to tout himself, Kabuto has proven itself as the most loyal vassal.

Relationships with children Orochimaru fruit very closely. Although Orochimaru only consider fruit as a child, but he can manipulate the children to always obey fruit. Kimimaru very faithful to the end of Orochimaru hayatnya. Guren but in the end menghianati ikatannya with Orochimaru.

Private ownership

Orochimaru Hebi keep skin that he get in the grave during her parents small. He put them in a glass box and considered as a special charm.

Orochimaru dropped out of the hands save ditebas Itachi. Hands that have become dry place it among the experimental Bottles Orochimaru.

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