16 July 2009

Tobi and Deidara Akatsuki Subduct Bijuu Sanbi

Acts Sanbi in Movies Naruto Shippuuden seizing Sanbi cs by Kabuto, Shizune cs Akatsuki and Tobi won by Tobi.

How can I grab Tobi Sanbi from Shizune and Kabuto cs cs, Tobi sharingan have you can talk with Kyuubi and Kyuubi control.
Tobi also use the power of censorship to control the nine tails Kyuubi To destroy Konoha when naruto will born. So not impossible I suppose he was also able to speak

and control sanbi the same way. Tobi also assisted by Deidara. Tobi Deidara to ask for help subduct Sanbi.

Orochimaru are trying to get Sanbi. Konoha team are trying to do fuin Sanbi. Akatsuki Deidara Tobi together are monitoring and preparing Sanbi subduct Sanbi.

Sanbi is the only bijuu without jinchuuriki. This occurred in a nine-chapter described jinchuuriki and jinchuuriki sanbi come from kirigakure, the village where Tobi

was (still) in power.

All bijuu first live without wild jinchuuriki, even before the Kyuubi is a wild before bijuu naruto yondaime seal in the body. The 8 tails and also get away from

Sasuke cs although jinchuuriki telak killed.

Yondaime hokage said that isonade (sanbi) disappeared when the big war ended, this is visible when yondaime Hokage Shizune gave briefing on the team that will help the

team Kakashi and Yamato. Deidara said that although sanbi chakra you have very big, but intelligences Sanbi only at the top of the normal animals.

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