31 July 2009

Naruto Shippuden 112 Akatsuki Bijuu in Arrest

Lakeside disordered. Wood in the house, the rest is in Konoha. Sakura Ino treat.

the chuunin

Ino: Oops

Sakura: Hold a little. This will be a pain.

Ino: Thank you Sakura.

Sakura: once in the wound. I will do

Naruto: Sakura chan. How Yuukimaru circumstances?

Shizune caring Yuukimaru

Sakura: Currently, Shizune senpai are to take care


Hinata: very. Circulation system chakra ...

Naruto asks Yuukimaru

Shizune: Yes. Bodies are damaged. Even after diobatipun, will be impossible to restore it to its original state. Seems to be the ability to control Sanbi truly high-risk. Yuukimaru in the body.

Kakashi: Jutsu is the age?

Shizune: Yes. I am not 100% sure to be thorough examination. But it seems Yuukimaru no longer have the strength he had.

Yamato: We lost the only opportunity to control Sanbi.

Kakashi: Maybe for this, it's really like there ...


Yuukimaru still unconscious

Shizune, Hinata, Yamato and Kakashi out of the room Yuukimaru.

Naruto: Shizune Nee chan, how Yuukimaru?

Shizune: She lived. But still sick ...

Naruto and Sakura entered the room Yuukimaru.

Sakura: he survived.

Naruto: Yes .. But ... I am not able to help him ...

Sakura: What?

Communication via the Hokage Katsuyu

Naruto: I said on the stupid that "Wherever you think someone in here place back then ...." But right in front of his eyes, he was losing its place again ...

Sakura: That is not your false.

Naruto: Stay only.

Naruto's memory

Yuukimaru: Guren san is my place back. And I am the Guren san will again.

Guren: I promise ... I will not let you alone. I will always be of you.

Yuukimaru: Yes. And I will always think Guren san. Start now. Forever ...


Sakura: Naruto ...

Naruto: I am sorry. Yuukimaru ...


Katsuyu are talking with Tsunade. At the same time Katsuyu are talking with Kakashi cs.

Katsuyu: Such is the situation with Tsunade.


Hokage: So ya ... I understand. Katsuyu, all ordered to return.

Katsuyu: You sure?

Hokage: We have no other choice. Will is not possible for them to continue the mission. Now the children have lost their strength. Orochimaru can not do anything more with the Bijuu. We are back now, come together again and think about the new plan.

Katsuyu: but Orochimaru is not the only one who pursue Sanbi ...

Naruto cs

Hokage: I actually know will it. But Sanbi opponent is giving us many problems at this time. Even Akatsuki will also not easy to face. .. I will send a ninja to replace them as soon as possible. When they arrived, all ordered to return.

announced the Hokage kakashi

Katsuyu: Okay.


Katsuyu: Tsunade, that's the same command.

Shizune: understand.

Kakashi: we will announce soon on everything.



Kakashi: We got a new command of the Hokage. We will stop our mission now. The command to us is returned to the village as soon as possible.

Ninja: Hah ... What?

Kiba: Hey. Do not leave anything Sanbi?

Guren alive

Yamato: We do not need to worry that matter. They send a ninja to replace us and keep monitoring.

Kiba: but still it ...!

Shizune: I still just do not have that can we do if we stay here. Overall already suffered so many injuries. Tsunade has determined that the same will be more effective if we bring back the information we get at this time ago to use it to plan the future.

Kakashi: We will be leaving tomorrow morning.



Sleep all night. Yuukimaru sleeps with a cracked crystal tsubaki worse. Meanwhile, in the bottom of the lake. Cob mud seems to save Guren.

Gozu: Guren san. .. San Guren

Guren: Gozu? Why you? Why you save me.

Gozu: Do you remember that day ...? I left alone after control lost during the trial Orochimaru .. I have not given any food or drink. I almost died thirsty. Then you come with me to give smile full water. That is why I am able to survive. Since that time, I ...

Guren: I do not even remember. I am sure are coming good.

Gozu: However, I always proud you since then.


Yuukimaru awakened ago tsubaki see the crystal and the light slowly disappeared broke.

Yuukimaru: Guren san.

Naruto Yuukimaru search


Naruto, and awakened Yuukimaru have found nothing.

Naruto: huh? Yuukimaru? Damn!

Naruto ran out. Yamato and Kakashi Kakashi awakened but did not seem to care and return to bed.

Yamato: Senpai


Naruto find crystal tsubaki

Naruto ran in the forest.

Naruto: damn! Where he went. Body ... not in a condition to ... .... Yuukimaru. Shit.

Naruto heard lay leaves.

Naruto: Songs leaf? Yuukimaru it possible? Go back! Yuukimaru!


Naruto: Yuukimaru! Where are you, Yuukimaru? Damn .. This is all my false...... Yuukimaru


Naruto saw a red light in the thicket. And in fact it is crystal tsubaki.

Naruto: This is .... Why does he leave something sepenting this ...?

Naruto smiled to see the crystal that is now no ret will at all.

Naruto: There is no iota of scratches ... I understand .. So, so ....


Same morning

Discuss Yuukimaru lost

Kiba: Yuukimaru disappear?.

Shizune: How can he move with the condition?

Kiba: Hey Naruto, You're there in the room with him eh?

Naruto: Yes please

Kiba: Hah? How can you call yourself Shinobi? As should be a Genin.

Naruto: Diamlah. You also own fall, know!

Wonder attitude Naruto

Kiba: You're this; do not identify me with the stamina to its chilling like you!

Sakura: debate will not bring change ... but I am concerned Yuukimaru. He was no where to go and ....

kakashi prepared

Lee: We can not let you. Let's find him!

Tenten: Agree!

Shino: It is not important. The reason is ... Because children who have lost their power to control Sanbi no longer a threat to us.

Lee: Not the problem.

Kakashi: No. Shino correct. We have no business to look for children who are vague.


Yamato: Moreover we are ordered to return.

Lee: But ...! How your think Naruto kun?

Naruto: Yes, I have nothing in fear. He can keep himself.

Sakura: Naruto ?????

All answers on the wonder Naruto


Kakashi: We should hurry.

Some ANBU arrived.

ANBU: sorry makes you wait, Kakashi san.


Orochimaru and Kabuto

Orochimaru hideout

Orochimaru: I hope we can disrupt Akatsuki ...

Kabuto: sorry. I do not consider the intervention of Konoha.

Orochimaru: Then, what about the woman ... What Guren die?

Kabuto: Unfortunately yes. In fact he has the ability which is very interesting.

Orochimaru: It looks like you seriously. While you may own the right to kill him?

Kabuto: That the sky is prohibited.

Orochimaru: Well. Never mind. We can find much replacement for someone with ability.

Kabuto: But Yuukimaru ...

Orochimaru pain

Orochimaru: never. Present. (Orochimaru cough)

Kabuto: Orochimaru same! I will bring soon!

Kabuto ran to take medications.

Kabuto: Body limit has been reached ...

Orochimaru: At this time, it means no more ... For a moment, I'll have the body ...


Tobi and Deidara

Yamato make him the tree wood. Far above the canyon, three figures attention to the team Konoha will again. Figures of women smiling. Naruto to see her in three directions.

Sakura: It's what, Naruto?

Naruto: Not. There is nothing ...


Yuukimaru, Guren and Gozu running far.

Boom clay


Two people are monitoring the ANBU

ANBU1: What are regular reports?

ANBU2: Yes ...

ANBU1: There is fog. According to the team that we change, the possibility was created by Sanbi. This fog can cause hallucination, so be careful.

Deidara: That is news for me, hmm ....


Deidara suddenly is behind them. ANBU avoid

ANBU2: You! Cloak ...

Spider clay has suddenly sit in the shoulder ANBU

ANBU: shit

Spider clay explodes.

Tobi: Wow. Deidara senpai, before the extravaganza! That last search.

Deidara: Your information already stale. "Konoha forces separate from the guard in the jockey Sanbi" Is not it your say?


Tobi: Yes please. Weird ... so should be also. But it's good if there is no longer a bother us. Let us complete our task now while there is opportunity.

Deidara: You're a hundred years younger for the given command.

Deidara makes clay birds

Tobi: H.h hey. Senpai! Do you hear about hallucination earlier?

Deidara: You think you're talking with whom? Do not say my art!


Tobi: Hhhh. He was really ill-natured ...

Deidara clay birds fly above the lake

Deidara: Lake is also knowledgeable to find Sanbi. It seems that should be big surprises

Deidara clay cast too many insects in the lake. Individual insects into the water. Not long after. Explosion for the explosion emerged from the lake. Sanbi any exit.

Tobi: If observed, it seems like a giant turtle. Very strong...

Sanbi pursue Tobi

Deidara: So this is Sanbi.

Tobi: Kurasa should I give you to finish him, Deidara senpai.

Deidara: Tobi. You have officially become a member of Akatsuki?

Tobi: Oops.

Sanbi attack. Tobi ran eschew. Deidara see from the air.

Fish clay

Tobi: (run) He came! Because he was being water, what should not be ordered Kisame.

Tobi Sanbi makes entry into the water.

Deidara: incommode course.

Deidara: Tobi create fish that pursue Sanbi clay.

Deidara: Katsu!

Large explosion occurred.

Fish clay will explode


Katsuyu: Is there something?

Hokage: No.

Katsuyu: It seems all has entered the Hi no Kuni safely.

Hokage: So. good. You may return Katsuyu.

Katsuyu: Okay.


Katsuyu disappeared. Hokage forward to read the book. Hands tremble.


Akatsuki successfully overcome Sanbi

Tobi: I was successful! Banzai ... Banzai! Deidara. My jutsu what you see? Only at once and bam! You can understand why I am given this important task right after I officially became a member of Akatsuki?

Sanbi less

Deidara: No. That may be because the my bomb make beautiful art. You must be grateful to my art. Hmm. Do not forget that I help you. If you Akatsuki members, not more talk and more be cool or uncool. In other words with the same cool art or art. Listen, art is the moment

passionate emotions that come from the cool-!

Tobi: Senpai You talk a lot. Hahahaha


Deidara peeved.

Tobi: I am just kidding!

Explosion occurred


ANBU3: What?

ANBU4: No. ... The only reports from the team monitoring the lake later in ya.

ANBU suspicious

ANBU3: Let's create a report for the guard.


Akatsuki are brought Sanbi

Deidara: Tobi Listen. You should not restrain your lucky! Sanbi was weak because he did not have a wet nurse jinchuuriki. He did not have the strength to think about. Hey Tobi. Do not showboat too cool if we're talking. At least I am responsible!

Sanbi brought

Deidara increased bird

Tobi sleep and delirious

Explosion occurred

Deidara: It's time to wake up. You scoundrel!


Team up

Kiba: Wow. It seems like forever not to go home.

Shino: We've just run the length of the mission ...

Naruto: Dinner at Ichira!

Sakura: Naruto.

Naruto: Hah?

Sakura: What About ... Yuukimaru sure you like better? You're usually very take to worry.

Sakura and naruto

Naruto: do not do anything. Moreover even if we find it, he will not be easily found.

Sakura: What is the mean.

Naruto: words Ero Sennin indeed correct. She said someone wherever we are considering, we here place again. If you believe and keep thinking about him ... will your feel up on, he said.

Naruto take crystal tsubaki

Sakura: What? .. Is this right ... .. Means ..?

Naruto: That's why we must also remain understand. We need to create a place for Sasuke again.

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