25 July 2009

Naruto Shippuden 111 Bijuu Sanbi

Sanbi start in kekkai Shizune cs.
Shizune: Overall ... Fuin will complete shortly. Hold on focus on this until you are finished.
Sakura cs: Good.
Sanbi in kekkai.
Kakashi cs team running approach Fuin. Suddenly behind them. Nurari, Kihou and Kigiri join into a huge monster. To see Lee back

Sanbi trapped

Lee: What is? Tenten. There are monster behind us!
Tenten: Hah! What is?
Yamato: Kakashi senpai! What is ..?
Kakashi: once they are persistent.
Lee: This my turn reply to them before.
Tenten: Lee, not physical attacks work on the Si is flexible.
Shino: My attack also
Kiba: shit.
Sai: We submit this in the second jounin.
Monster Nurari cs changed into a ball ago giant crane boom flexure

Cs so Nurari monster

Face new Nurari cs

Monster shot Nurari

Sai: This is called "unsavory"
Nurari cs: We'll punish you.
One arm of the monster out Nurari barrel-barrel weapon to shoot Kihou ago Kakashi cs
Kiba: Hah?
Kakashi cs avoid fire.

Kakashi vs Monster Nurari

Kakashi: They were really disgusting....

Naruto, Guren, Kabuto and Yuukimaru

Naruto vs Kabuto

Guren: What happens to Rinji?
Kakashi: Rinji has become part of mu collection some time ago.
Naruto: What?
Kabuto: He was very fussy.
Retention Kabuto
Rinji: Continuing ...? I will be happy if I became a person who will report on the same Orochimaru ...
Kabuto: You?
Rinji: I have to do many things for you as your eye-eye.
Kabuto preparing attack
Kabuto: Orochimaru same not need other people besides me to attend.
Naruto: shit! So for you that this plan ...
Kabuto: Yes. Orochimaru is the same person who is very great. Everything was running according prediction. Guren and Yuukimaru heart into such a strong bound. They now trust one another as a place to return. Now, if this bond near fatal tercabik by their relationship. Anger issue Yuukimaru will explosion strength. That is the plan ... but, although he was aware that Guren that killed her parents ... anger Yuukimaru not occur. Why? Why is that? Human feeling is so strange?
Naruto: You're Not ... forgive!
Naruto Kabuto attack. Naruto Kabuto successful kick.
Naruto: What do you do with the feelings Guren and Yuukimaru? You should not play with the feelings of someone!
Naruto Kabuto attack. Naruto Kabuto successful throw.
Naruto: What are you trying to do?
Kabuto: Not only Konoha or Akatsuki ... but all Gakure no Sato will soon scramble and chaos occurs.
Kabuto attack but Naruto can repel attack.
Kabuto: Orochimaru same beautiful view of the future is ... That is Sanbi ... ... Yuukimaru
Naruto: All waste is only for me. .... Guren. Go with Yuukimaru. Present at that can protect you.
Guren: I will protect it with my life.
Guren going to bring Yuukimaru. Kabuto Naruto will pursue but hinder.
Naruto: I will not let you.

Kabuto roll out

Rinji zombi

Guren protect Yuukimaru

Kabuto bite and scratch with finger blood on a roll.
Kabuto: Shikon no Jutsu!
Kabuto cast reels and reels to Guren is changed to Rinji.
Rinji: Guren ..
Guren: Rinji!
Rinji attack, Guren avoid. Guren down Yuukimaru.
Guren: I promise to protect you. I will not fail.
Yuukimaru: Guren san
Guren: Shoton Kurenai no Kajitsu
Crystal coating to guard Yuukimaru coop.
Yuukimaru: Guren san
Guren: Do not worry. I will be back soon. So wait here.
Yuukimaru: Hah?
Yuukimaru remember his mother.
Retention Yuukimaru
Mother Yuukimaru: Wait here. I will be back for you whatever happens
Maternal Speech Yuukimaru spoken Guren.
Yuukimaru: do not go Guren san. Kaulah the only place I must return.

Rinji infected but can pass shoton

Guren: Do not worry. I will not die.
Rinji attack. Guren make Rinji mengkristal feet. Rinji hand and seal to appear bat-bats ago Kristal Guren broken.
Guren: What?

bat Rinji

Destroying bats shoton

Guren tired

Rinji: useless. Polyhedron, if the crystal forms that is identical to join in a uniform pattern. I can stop the formation of Crystal jar with ultrasonic waves through the air my bat. Yes. Shoton you are not a threat for me.
Guren create Crystal knife but a knife is destroyed.
Rinji: Already I said useless.
Guren: You still baffle even dead.
Rinji bats that protect the Crystal Yuukimaru. Guren drop.
Rinji: After Guren. Now you .... Yuukimaru.
Yuukimaru: Huh?
Guren vomiting blood.
Guren: No. You should not.
Guren attack Rinji
Guren: I will protect Guren with betting my life.
Yuukimaru: Guren san!
Guren impound it and Rinji in shoton

Guren impound it and Rinji in shoton

Rinji: Shoton you will not be useful again. There is no means for the dead.
Guren will seal to hold hands but Guren hands Rinji.
Guren: Now you can not manipulate? Shoton ... ..
Guren feet and Rinji start crystal
Rinji: What?
Guren: Return to hereafter as soon as possible!

Yuukimaru keep the crystal in order to not fall

Crystal body wrap Guren and Rinji.
Naruto: Guren!
Crystals that wrap Rinji will Guren and fall to the lake
Yuukimaru: No

Emotions explode Yuukimaru

Yuukimaru try to maintain that Crystal did not fall to the lake, but also eventually fall.
Yuukimaru: do not go ...
Kabuto: Jutsu has been broken.
Naruto: That's .... Not possible .... You say ... you will protect Yuukimaru ...!
Tsubaki crystals of Guren broken. Yuukimaru anger explode. Yuukimaru issue chakra blue sky.
Naruto: Yuukimaru!

Sanbi so wild

Kakashi and Yamato vs. Monster Nurari

Shizune: Sanbi will soon tired. At that time we will be finished.
Suddenly tempestuous lake.
Shizune: What? ... Where Sanbi get this strength?
Katsuyu: I do not know, but it seems chakra Sanbi suddenly increased!
Amukan Sanbi successfully penetrate kekkai Shizune cs. Shizune throw by waves that occur due to lunge Sanbi. Kakashi and Yamato are still busy fighting monster Nurari cs.
Kakashi: Yamato, Mokuton to use stop him. I will kill him.
Yamato: Fine.
Yamato makes wood-wood to restrict space monster Nurari
Kakashi: Raikiri!

Sanbi hoof Nurari Monster

Sanbi rage

Before the attack with Kakashi will raikiri. Sanbi jump and pound monster will Nurari. Kakashi and Yamato soon avoid. Monster Nurari a trapped timber Yamato can not move. Monster Nurari cs Sanbi struck down and destroyed. Sanbi move towards Yuukimaru.
Naruto tries to log

Naruto tries to log

Yamato: Kakashi senpai
Kakashi: yes ... (On Tenten cs) Search Fuin team and they delivered!
Tenten cs: Fine.
Sanbi start to the mainland and near Yuukimaru
Naruto: Sanbi?
Kabuto: Guren moment he lost that have a strong bond with her .. When that is the power latent Yuukimaru out. It seems that sadness because the return loss of a place so big.
Naruto: Yuukimaru. Stop ..! This is not good.
Naruto tried to penetrate layers Yuukimaru chakra but can not

Kabuto monitor Sanbi

Sanbi to land

Naruto: Hah? Yuukimaru! What you can hear me? Yuukimaru! I .. Naruto! Please note I am! Yuukimaru .. Damn .. Calm kah!
Naruto: Yuukimaru.
Sanbi start fire with water cannon from the nose to the place around.

Rasengan which means there is no

Kabuto: kill them all! Destroy them!
Kabuto went.
Naruto: I must stop it. Taju kage no jutsu bunshin. Ayo.
Naruto kage bunshin create many. Each make and rasengan attack Sanbi. Sanbi easily spend all bunshin Naruto kage.
Naruto: shit. My rasengan superfluous. And I also can not use fuuton Rasen shuriken. How should I .... Kuchiyose no jutsu

Gamatatsu and Gamarichi

Gamatatsu and Gamakichi appear.
Gamatatsu: huh? Nii chan. That is Sanbi?
Gamakichi: it seems all is beyond the control ..
Naruto: If I am not so will not call you. Gamatatsu, prepare toad water pistol.
Gamatatsu: Okay.
Gamakichi: Gamatatsu wait.
Gamatatsu: huh?
Naruto: What? We are in a hurry here!
Gamakichi: try to think. If the opponent is a bijuu Kyodaigame who live in this lake. If you increase the strength of the fuuton, what the impact on the Gama Teppu which is Suiton no Jutsu? To overcome Suiton you need Doton.
Sanbi still shoot shot with storm water.
Naruto: if we are still talking only about the environment will be destroyed. I only have fuuton, so I have no other options ... .. Fuuton?

Gamakichi to advise

Naruto's memory
Naruto: So I am a good opponent for Sasuke yah?
Yamato: yah. Kaminari it can be defeated by your Kaze.
Naruto: boloney my mean it. My mean, Kaze only strength which can overcome the power of hi and make them even more powerful.

Naruto: Katon
Gamakichi: What's with Katon?
Naruto: If we have Katon, with Kaze I will then ..
Gamakichi: I can ..
Naruto: What? Katon can you?
Gamakichi: Yes. I can!
Naruto: Why do not you from yesteryear?
Gamakichi: You do not ask! Then there is the Katon?
Naruto: Oh. Katon!
Gamakichi: Why?
Naruto: shit. Earlier this I think good idea ..
Gamakichi: if I have what?
Naruto: Not .. Earlier I think Hi we can help make it stronger and with my Kaze. But, the weak against Mizu Hi.
Gamakichi: Oh that. If Suiton stronger than Katon. Hi we have to make a stronger again so that its vapor Mizu
Naruto: Hah?
Gamakichi: Hey, Gamatatsu!
Gamatatsu: What Nii chan?
Gamakichi: go back to the village and drink as much as the frog oil you can. Okay. Your time a minute. I will call you one more minute.
Gamatatsu: Good.
Naruto: Oh So .. If you replace the water with oil to attack with Gama Teppu, the oil will spread wherever. Then you will burn the oil with your Katon.
Gamakichi: True. We can use the same timing as Gama Teppu and we do not need to practice first.
Naruto: Well. This will work ... .... Yuukimaru. .... Guren ... that I can not promise you I promise ... but will true for you.
Gamakichi: Naruto. This has been a minute.
Naruto: Okay. Kuchiyose no jutsu.
Gamakichi: What is time enough?
Gamatatsu: Yah. That.
Gamakichi: Okay. We are ready to Naruto.


Naruto: yah .. Okay, we will use the new collaboration jutsu ... and burning face. Weak point is his eyes. Okay. Prepare ...
Gamakichi: do or die. Failure is not a choice.
Gamatatsu: Both Nii chan.
Sanbi prepared attack.
Naruto: Come on .. Gamatatsu.
Gamatatsu: Oke
Naruto: Korabo Ninjutsu Fuuton Gamayu Endan.

Korabo Ninjutsu Fuuton Gamayu Endan

Gamakichi fire with oil from his mouth and collide with the water from Sanbi.
Naruto: now
Gamakichi issued a fire and burn Sanbi soon.
Gamatatsu: We successfully Nii Chan

Naruto tote Yuukimaru

Gamakichi: yah. You're good.
Sanbi re-entry in the lake.
Naruto: now seems to be already finished.
Gamakichi so if we go ahead.
Naruto: Yah. Thank you
Gamatatsu: Goodbye.
Naruto: Yuukimaru
Chakra Yuukimaru disappeared. Yuukimaru fainting. Naruto take him
Naruto: Yuukimaru. Let's go home together.

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