11 July 2009

Naruto and Sasuke (Ties)

Sasuke and then he pensive step to the mouth of the Cave where the waterfall in front. Wash face and then he trained chidori. River underneath the smoke and dry chidori.

While in one place. one troop odd-shaped water vessel to go Hi no kuni.

In a strange ship, there is a tremendous rush. The ninja prepare the equipment on the fly and use part ninja. ninja using equipment that is flying loose from the substratum vessels.

Ninja flying through the Hi no kuni. Passing through rice fields and forests and the people of the Hi kuni no surprise to see them.

They arrived in Konoha no Sato Gakure. The people looked with wonder Konoha. They start blitz Konoha. Chouji looked stupefied among the ruins of the building. Neji save two small children from the bomb. Shikamaru and some Shinobi ninja threw a kunai flying but there is no meaning. Even shot from the flying kunai ninja Konoha Shinobi can make a push.

Building on the bombardir Hokage. About Hokage told spaceward nation lose a war when the war of Shinobi. At this time they may be in revenge on Konoha.

Continue to bombard the sky Konoha ninja. kakashi and Yamato to report on the Hokage. After a while, the Spacecraft re-ninja to headquarters because kehabisa chakra which is the fuel engine is flying.

Naruto help the downtrodden people ruins. He met with someone who understand the medical accident and help the downtrodden people of rubble-rubble.

Konoha in the hospital. Sakura busy people who treat injured. Suddenly appear a child find their teachers Shinou that he was in Konoha. The child who may be very faint reaction.

Night, the child is sober. Naruto and Shinou sit on the side. shinou that people who meet in the ruins of Naruto. From Naruto Shinou know the child named Amaru.

Tomorrow the same morning, Naruto mission accompany Amaru get back to the village. Sakura Naruto and Hinata were accompanied in the mission task.

Meanwhile. Sai are keek enemy headquarters. Sai and create bird and ink to infiltrate enemy areas. Troops fly off the Sai successfully defeat them one by one. Shikamaru and kakashi Sai waiting on the beach.

Meanwhile, Orochimaru is being sick. Jutsu incarnation period is low. Orochimaru Sasuke Assigned find someone that have a twist to help process the next incarnation jutsu. Sasuke was leaving.

Naruto cs through swamps. When the troops patrol their flying all hide under the boat in the water. Amaru leg gets caught in the grass that grows in the primary river. Naruto successfully saved but naruto foot bitten by a local fish spiked sharply. Naruto unconscious.

Once aware. Naruto treated Amaru. They continue their journey cut through the forest. Elsewhere, Sasuke in the forest be the same.

Amaru first arrived in the village. Now the village is only rubble-rubble. Remains of the fire are still up. Amaru and tread-kunai trap kunai attacks automatically. Shinou arrived. Amaru survived but died Shinou as many kunai stuck due protects Amaru. Sakura cs come. Sakura Shinou failed to treat. Shinou buried next day.

Naruto cs patrol around the village. Naruto and Sakura arrive at rubble-rubble stations. Amaru appear. he seems possessed evil spirits. Amaru changed into a monster that can hand out a lot. Monster is attacked Sakura to fainting. Naruto caught. Kyubi chakra out.

Sai cs still flying combat with troops.

Jacket tails kyubi appear on four Naruto. Naruto monster attack, but can still make a Naruto stop. Changes to the form of Naruto Kyubi no Yoko caudate four. Naruto Yoko attack completely. Finally, the monster disappears and Amaru realize itself.

Naruto and Amaru entered one of debris. Suddenly something happened. Land appears from under buildings and into a large building. Building in the air fly.

Shino appears. He ate steel kikaichu rally. Shino Kikaichu attack enemy ships, like termites eat wood. Enemy ships destroyed little by little.

Flying in the building, Naruto and Amaru avoid the ninja fly. Until they in a room. Shinou were there. Amaru happy because Shinou not dead. Naruto kiss. Shinou suddenly become evil. It becomes more and more young and strapping attack naruto limitless. Naruto Rasengan not useful because the body can reproduce again.

Sasuke appears. shinou easily disable it to shinou becomes very old. Sasuke ask magical twist. Finally shinou give. Shinou blurred. Sasuke chase. Naruto took chase.

Sasuke and Naruto arrived in a space. Appear Shinou and now he changed into a monster that is similar to frighten the monster Amaru but more violent. Naruto and Sasuke attack monster shoulder carry it.

Amaru around. He found the people of that village captivity. They can not move. Hinata is among the captives. hinata tells how to release them until they can finally move again.

Sasuke curse seal 2 with Naruto and the Kyubi chakra successfully overcome the monster.

Amaru and Hinata to evacuation of the flying boat. when the boat offshore base, the rest of the monster will attack. When it comes to help Sasuke. Hinata and Amaru village and went flying boat. Sasuke cut down. Naruto make bunshin ago that destroyed many buildings that fly with the rasengan a lot. Eventually the building was destroyed. naruto drop. arrived at almost the land, Gamabunta makes stomach for a landing Mattress naruto. Sasuke arrived at the place and gives Orochimaru to scroll.

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