04 July 2009

Forecast the Death of Naruto IV

Naruto almost arrived at the temple.
Naruto: We're up to.
Miko same.
Shion: Do you ever been here before?
Naruto: No, but I have a feeling like that. Quick fuin Mouryou ago that you can forget all you ugly fate
Shion: destiny can not be changed.
Naruto: Wait for it. I’ll show you wrong. Naruto rocks through the gate in front of the temple. Stones that appear to move.
Naruto: What's that? Stones that turned into a stone army.

Naruto avoid the ghost army

Naruto tries against ghost army

Shion: That stone ghost army.
Naruto: what forces the stone?
Shion: Stone ghost. If this thing moving again. Mean is near. Naruto attacked troop’s stone
Shion: What should we do?
Naruto: Avoid them. We will be OK. Only a strong grip.

Shion fall

Naruto avoid the troops attack the stone while you jump. When jump, grip shion apart. Shion drop.
Shion: shall I live? I will save again? If I die here, they should not die
Naruto and shion successfully captures both fall to the rivers. Naruto shion to hold edge.
Naruto: Wow I am soaked.
Shion: You should not save me. So you need not fear death. At least until Mouryou destroy the world.
Naruto: Maybe...

Shion naruto attention to the red-faced

Naruto shion distance. Naruto shake-shake of his head so that water out of his head wet. Shion Naruto ago deflects attention to the face because of shame. Red colored.
Naruto: But I will not die. Never.
Shion: Not possible
Naruto: Maybe.
Shion: It means that I will
Naruto: I will not die and let you also.
Shion: One of us will die.
Naruto: Who says? There are millions of things that may happen
Shion: make me do not repeat my speech! Destiny can not be in
Naruto: I will protect you.
Shion: You will not be able to.
Approach in the face naruto shion
Naruto: Believe in me. Shion turn face because of shame.
Shion: Why my faces turn from it?
Shion: Believe
Naruto: I have a plan. This time everything will be just good.
Shion: Naruto
Naruto: Come on leave.
Shion and Naruto continue their journey.
Shion: You promise.
Naruto: Yes. I swear on my way as a ninja. This will be successful.

Troop’s stone block in front of the temple gate. Naruto using rasengan two with two bunshin.
Naruto: I am back
Naruto Rasengan blow some stone Sculpture.
Naruto: One more. More powerful explosion occurred.

Rasengan double

Naruto bring shion

Some of the troops destroyed the stone. Naruto shion tote accompanied some bunshin.

Shion: You should release them all.
Naruto: Talk is easy. Do you know how can’t stop this?
Naruto Bunshin explode back some troops with the rasengan. Naruto attacked with rage. Rasengan for rasengan it out. Naruto and shion finally arrived at the gate, down Naruto shion.
Shion: Naruto
Naruto: Go. Fast and

Naruto punctured

Shion surprised

Suddenly Naruto in the chest from the back of the pin. Shion surprised. Naruto disappeared in smoke. Hundreds of troop’s bunshin Naruto flag stone. Shion smile.
Naruto: What do you do? Quick entry.
Shion: You confusing me. Do something that I know where you are genuine.
Naruto: This is not the time for that. Think about our situation. Stupid.
Shion entrance to the temple. Shion ran in the temple.
Shion: It means he is not. That is not him. He still .. He still remembers ... shion seen about Naruto again. It was a moment ago droops forward into the temple.

Troops ready to attack the stone

Shion arrived at a place where the lava. Shion remember that this is a fight against Naruto and Naruto Mouryou death.
Shion: Naruto you will die.
Yomi: You're already great. You like Miroku. (On the rock brigade) Go on and give a young Miko forces encircle stone shion
Yomi: my name is Yomi. My first ambition can’t work by your mother, Miruko. You remember what happened at that time? We try to create the kingdom of Sennen using Mouryou Resurrection.
Shion in side to contain lava cliff edge due to the stone army.
Yomi: If your mother is not only a Miko.
Shion: go...
Suddenly the bell chest shion shed light pink which can rip all troops’ stone. Shion surprised to know this.
Yomi: Why are you surprised?. Do not, do not ... You do not know .... Strength of their own .. Wow. This is surprising. What do you think?
Shion: To this day, I have...
Yomi: Learning fuin no jutsu? Try here if you dare and do. Can you?
Shion: You will fulfill a promise. Naruto?
Naruto re-create an explosion with the rasengan
Naruto: shit. This is not limitless.

Prepare fuin shion no jutsu

Anagram up

Yomi: you say. I can not kill. Do you have the power to destroy me or not. Because we come from the same.
Shion: Lies. You are confused I make me.
Yomi: Do I have reason to prevaricate?
Shion I must soon do you fuin
Yomi: Fuin? Means that we will merge into one. Your mother Miruko receive it. True. Miruko. It's your mother ... in me. To make sure we both do not have that can use the strength of each. Mind being a fuse two separate, each maintaining their origin. Weaken each other. And up to a point on, they eventually named themselves Mouryou. Not Miko. Words such as light dark. Both evil, do not apply here.

Shion in kekkai

Shion step to the place where the floor a graven Anagram circles. Shion do with the seal of one hand.
Shion: Hatsu, jinn, kai Anagram circle underneath the start up and create a light layer kekkai beset shion.
Yomi: Kekkai?
Shion: Min, shin, gan. Reppyou, shouzen. Mika, and, raku, shou! A stone coffin, which is emerging from the middle circle
Shion: Fu, Sai, Dan, Giga, Ragu! Yomi for kekkai penetrate and capture shion.

Naruto troops still block a lot of stone.
Naruto: Miko san certainly is in the fight. I will not let you disrupt.

Yomi die in kekkai

Yomi sprawl motionless on the side shion.
Mouryou: (voters) Ha.ha.ha. You should be patient Miko. You should wait before he died to make your kekkai.
Shion: He was waiting for me to get into kekkai?.
Yomi removing the body black smoke up.
Mouryou: We can not exit after kekkai made. At least, until one of us can control the other. And that will be determined by our chakra. Naruto is still busy by troop’s stone.
Naruto: I refuse to lose, despite running out of chakra.
Kakashi: Raikiri: Thunderstorms destroy some troop’s stone.

Shion trying to protect the chest

Shion see in the box. Litter box is where Mouryou's body is located.
Mouryou: I will pick it up now. Body. This is him. Black smoke up out of the body Yomi. Shion try closing the box.

Mouryou entry box

Kekkai was lost

Mouryou: I thank you. Fuin this eventually disappears. Light purple disappears.
Shion: What have I done? What has I will do it throughout life? Arrived in Naruto. Kekkai was lost.

Shion regret

Shioin sad

Naruto: shion. You have been successful? Fuin do you have on it?
Shion: Naruto ....
Naruto: What? Oh,. You're so tired?
Shion: I never ... Eligible protected you or all people.
Naruto: Land shion vibrate.

Of the land of the monster serpent appeared many a head. Footing shion, shion collapse and fall into it. In the fall, the movement shion feels slow.

Shion fall

Shion fall in awareness

Sayup-sayup he heard Naruto Mouryou are against past memories that forget him appear
Mouryou: There is no use of water. During the light you have, I can not take you. But it what are you want? You will force to witness all the things you have to try to prevent it. As the end of the world. Naruto: shion !!!!!!!! Shion eyes open.
Shion I am still alive. So ... If you like Naruto, Naruto ... will. Naruto memories ... shion

Yomi in Remembrance

Yomi: Why do you also do not understand? If you combine the strength of Mouryou with jutsumu, take over the world will become easy.
Miruko: Bodoh. Why do not you trust other people?
Yomi: Trust others. Miroku what are you serious? Now
Shion: Mother wit ... shion

Shion and his mother in memories

Shion small: Mother. Mother's warm lap.

Miruko and carers in Remembrance

Miroku: shion. You're both children.
Shion: I want to continue like this forever.
Guard: What you say
Miroku: Do not teach him any jutsu. This is my order.
Guard: But

Shion receive the bell in Remembrance

Mouryou vs Miruko in Remembrance

Miroku: Take this. This will protect you all day long in life to give Miroku a small bell on shion.
Shion: Good one. What is this fetish?
Miroku: Yes. And he will always over you. Whatever happens to me? You should not let your hearts shaky. One time I will be missing from the view you. This transitory. As the world where we live.
Shion: Mother ...


Naruto in the shield bell

Mouryou: You're old enough plane prevent Miroku. Okay. I do not need more strength. But you understand what that means right?
Miroku: shion. Mouryou attack shion small bell.
Mouryou: What? Shion survived because Miroku protect.
Miroku: Do not force Miko.
Mouryou: So ya. Self-sacrificing.

Mouryou Naruto can not touch the bell in the shelter

Naruto: I promise. This time we will be successful. Now Naruto is still Mouryou against the dragon-shaped head.
Shion: Naruto .. You will .. Live.
Shion cast bell to Naruto. Toll increase is to be as protective for Naruto. All attacks Mouryou no know him because obstructed shion bell.
Mouryou: I have seen the power of the past. What is that you want? Give to others. Okay. If that is I want you akan kabulkan. You should see the time we melt into one. And witnessed the death of those who try protecting you. That. And the end of this world.
Shion: Here's how it works. I already know from the start. The people should not need to die. True. Mother?
Miroku's light show.

Shion in Miruko and Remembrance

Miruko in Remembrance

Miroku: shion. I wish you happy life. Retention shion
Guard: A task?
Miroku: If shion on use of force. He will become a greater threat from Mouryou. There is no reason to control it taught. So I will impound the strength in this stone. If a case because he is awakened, the use of life to prevent.

Shion Transformation

Shion: Mrs. ..
Miroku: shion .. I want to protect you. And believe you. Do you hate me?
Shion: No. Mother. I love you. Mothers and children embrace each other out of their bodies bright light.
Mouryou: What is this?
Shion: I finally understand. How to use the strength of that. Shion to hand seal.
Shion: Kai. Shion Luminous body
Shion: Miko How much sacrifice has been until now? I can hear the sound younger. Yes. Has long been one.
Mouryou: So ya. Protect you the bell. Your strength.
Shion: This is the end. Naruto. Can you hear me? From now on, you and your friends must protect the world. This is against me.
Shion remember the promise of Naruto will not let himself die.
Shion: You're deceitful. Strength began to destroy Mouryou shion
Shion: We must be destroyed together.

Catch naruto shion

Audible bell sound
Naruto: Miko foolish. Naruto and shion reach him from the hole.
Naruto: Open your eyes .. Breath. Can you see me? Can you hear me? What the heart? You want to die like this? you want destroyed?
I shion
Naruto: I can not hear. Shion. Says. Say the word say-your own. Shion: I do not want to die
Naruto: Okay.
Kakashi: Raikiri Kakashi troops destroy some stones.
Shikamaru: Kagemane no jutsu
Temari: Left-left mai.

Kakashi vs ghost army

Naruto: ... And I friend-friends. Do you want to lose again? You should not accept destiny that you do not want. With the help bell shion and Naruto make a rasengan.
Naruto: More. More remove all your feelings. Naruto and shion form of rasengan
Naruto: Eat this. I chakra Rasengan and ultra shion.

rasengan power plus bell

Mouryou affected rasengan

Naruto rasengan on strike Mouryou
Naruto: I have an appointment right? That I will change your destiny shion
Mouryou large whale explosion. Naruto Land of the footing collapse. Lava rocks to fall

Mountains erupt

Gai: What is? Activities trigger explode Naruto Mountain. Eruption that makes the sky appear to be red from the Hokage building in konoha.
Kakashi: Let's be happy because the end likes this.
Lee: He succeeded in creating a new mountain ya

Visible flames bursting up to Konoha


Shikamaru: Wow ...
Temari: That's what happens if the things on it. Naruto shion tote from afar
Shion: Lower me.
Naruto: It looks like the end of your carrier as a Miko.
Shion: No. Will have the other. I understand this when I was in it. Mouryou get life from the souls of the wicked. If Mouryou come second or third, had to be someone around to stop it. And they should be careful on a genin. I will not blame the fate or destiny again. Miko is my task become. How does Naruto?

kakashi, Lee and Sakura surprised a question shion

Naruto just smiled. Kakashi draw.
Shion: And my strength will be inherited in the next generation of Miko. How Naruto, if you want to help create the next generation? Kakashi was surprised to hear the question
Naruto: (without thinking long) Of course.

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