14 June 2009

Sasori Puppet Jutsu

Kuro higikiki ippatsu is ninjutsu that uses two dolls to kill the opponent. One of the dolls will capture the opponent to go into dolls. When the opponent has been entered, a doll will soon be thrust sword-sword through between the first dolls to the opposite wall that is not in it.
Kankurou often use this jutsu. He Kuroari use as dolls that capture the opponent. He uses a puppet as Karasu will separate into several parts and will be a knife thrust to the opponent's body in Kuroari.

Kuroari never dijebol in the capture of Ryuugan. Ryuugan use swords garian tou able to penetrate the Kuroari so Ryuugan pass. Karasu even catch a knife.

This jutsu is a jutsu attack the opponent's mouth with a hand puppet Karasu. Kankurou never use this jutsu. Ryuugan never return the entire needle toward shooting by Karasu.

However, when assisted by Kankurou Kiba, akamaru and Chouzi, Ryuugan successfully arrested Kuroari and when he was still surprised.

Baribari hyaku renpatsu is jutsu attack the opponent with a bomb and then attacked the toxic fog with needle-needle towards fog in which there are opponents.
Kankurou never use this jutsu.
Kankurou uses this jutsu to attack Sasori but Sasori immune to poison and can still repel all attacks even in fog.

This jutsu is a jutsu attack opponent’s use kunai, kunai out from the mouth of Karasu. Kankurou never use this jutsu.

Uses this jutsu to attack but all kunai Sasori can stop.

Sasori also this jutsu user. Sasori is one of the members of akatsuki jutsu using dolls. Sasori is a Shinobi that make all the dolls in the country including sand beneka used Kankurou. Grandma chiyo also one of the dolls this jutsu user. In the fight against sasori chiyo grandmother doll using parent to defeat sasori sasori. Sasori fight in yield anything because things are not understood by sakura and chiyo grandmother. killed sasori by sasori puppet parents who makes own.

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