20 June 2009

Rinnegan Pain Akatsuki

Pain is a source of strength Rinegan. Rinnegan is on or after nagato Pain Akatsuki now see both the master Pain killed or killed before Nagato Pain. Obtained by Rinnegan Pain born from hatred and revenge.

Rinegan mentioned as one of the world's great doujutsu Naruto. Even more impressive it is said of sharingan and byakugan. this far, we only know that can control six rinegan Pain.

Rinegan can control the 5 main elements (doton, Katon, raiton, suiton and futon) although not yet clear whether rinegan can also combine elements such as inter mokuton and hyoton.

Rinnegan can also increase the attack every jutsu you used. This is the time to practice before Jiraiya told Konan, yahiko and nagato to attack Jiraiya Vengeance. Fuuton reppusho used nagato time was not jutsu malignancy, but because nagato use Jiraiya rinnegan until the nagato overwhelmed. Rinnegan main strength is a combination of all elements. Second element is to kill the two ninja konoha is Naraka. Doujutsu rinnegan have the power to attract and reject objects.

Jutsu the largest chibaku tensei. Chibaku tensei is a small ball with a high-gravity force that interesting things to the center 1, the ball becomes a giant pain as I said, Rikudo Sennin created using chibaku tensei months.

As Jiraiya Nagato that the 6 elements rinegan blessing. World ninja only 5 elements of the course. Even though a normal ninja could not control everything.

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