04 June 2009

Naruto vs Bijuu Sanbi

Yuukimaru still use the ability to stop the Sanbi. Guren awakened and surprised to see Sanbi near. Guren see Yuukimaru
Guren: Yuukimaru
Yuukimaru: Guren san

Shino: Sanbi the craze ... What happened?
Naruto saw the light blue sky in the vicinity of Sanbi. Naruto remember Yuukimaru
Naruto: This is ... Yuukimaru! He was here?
Sakura, Hinata and Tenten gathered near the bonfire. Ino Shizune looks dope with the unconscious iryo ninjutsu. Lee comes with the wood.
Lee: What's all OK?
Sakura: Thank you. Lee san.
Shizune: we run out of chakra, but we're OK. Chakra Sanbi not terrible once again...

Yamato Kiba and are run on the tree
Kiba: Yamato taicho
Yamato: Yes. I know. But the priority is to join us. We will join the team fuin appropriate command.
Kiba: Well

Kakashi and Sai are in the lake ran toward Sanbi
Kakashi: What happens ..?. I fear for the naruto and more. Come quick!

Kigiri, Kihou and Nurari mode. Kigiri appoint a smth direction they ran to the direction designated. Tobi Kigiri cs attention from the tree Sanbi consequence.
Tobi: Hmm. What is happening here?

Kabuto Sanbi attention away from
Kabuto: Guren that is critical to trigger his power? This is the worst test.
Kabuto go

Yuukimaru: I am glad you survived Guren san
Guren smile. He Yuukimaru remembers about his mother who said never again.
Guren: He has lost the place where he can go back...
Guren remind Yuukimaru mother. At that time still a small Guren. Guren remember how he killed the mother yuukimaru and sprinkling maternal blood Yuukimaru make tsubaki white to red.
Guren: What have I will do it? I am sorry. Yuukimaru...
Yuukimaru: Guren san. Quickly Avoid...
Yuukimaru holding white crystals contain tsubaki
Guren: That...
Guren remember when he and Yuukimaru exchange charm. ago remember when
Yuukimaru guard when he fainted after the Sanbi.
Yuukimaru: Guren san... Quick...
Guren: Still ... A person like me ... Located in your thinking?
Yuukimaru runs out of chakra. jutsu low.
Sanbi moving whale tail where the island stands Guren. Guren avoid the island were destroyed. Guren landed near Yuukimaru
Yuukimaru: Guren san
Guren: Already I say you must wait...
Yuukimaru: But I worry Guren san I think ... And if I continue to think Guren san, Guren will again.
Guren: Places where Yuukimaru can return from I stole Past ... ... This is what is I will do for it ... If I do ... If that is your wish ... I will ... I will be a place where you return.
Rinji: Is this reunion the melt has expired?
Guren: Rinji?
Sanbi back away from the nose to the air, creating water the hoof to the Guren cs.
Guren: Yuukimaru. Resign.
Water run into the cliffs Guren cs stand but not to destroy.
Guren: We have been successfully disrupting the process fuin on Sanbi. I will go and bring Yuukimaru.
Rinji: So you are the man.
Guren: You speak what?
Rinji enclasp Guren.
Rinji: Listen. For Orochimaru, let us be more. You are instruments that control the bijuu. You are people that can trigger action Yuukimaru.
Guren: Why are you...?
Apparently Rinji thrust kunai to the back Yuukimaru.
Sanbi move towards Guren.
Yuukimaru: Guren san
Rinji bring Yuukimaru aside. Sanbi the little canyon where Guren ago stood back again to the lake. Yuukimaru about Guren
Yuukimaru: You're not what? Guren san
Guren: I do not. I am glad, because I have this...
Guren show the charm Yuukimaru.
Yuukimaru: I also
Yuukimaru show tsubaki crystals.
Guren lie. Puncture wounds make them bleed. Make the blood red shirt Guren that tsubaki white image.
Yuukimaru remind the past time.
Yuukimaru: That leaves chantey mother.
Yuukimaru ran towards his mother. He saw a red flower tsubaki. And her mother lies lifeless.
Yuukimaru: Mother!
In the present
Yuukimaru: No ... no ... may be
Sanbi start moving
Rinji: Yuukimaru! Yuukimaru. Guren condition not possible to move. you must stop Sanbi ..
Sanbi fire with water but no bearing on Yuukimaru.
Rinji: Guren will die if you do not do anything.
Yuukimaru: Not... Guren is the place again.
Yuukimaru began removing the blue chakra.
Rinji: Yes. Yuukimaru. Guren when in danger, that is the strength. If when you do not stop Sanbi, Guren will dead.
Yuukimaru: I do not want that happening
Yuukimaru ray chakra issue back to the blue sky. The sky became light as air to receive it.
Rinji: incredible. This works better than expected!
Naruto: Not any more. Yuukimaru there!
Kakashi: Naruto.
Naruto: You're late. Kakashi sensei.
Kakashi: What is light? What happened?
Naruto: That's him. Yuukimaru there!
kakashi: mean that the child Sanbi?
Naruto: We should go and save!
naruto go
kakashi: Naruto Wait ... It's change in plans. We will protect children Sanbi control. Come follow Naruto.
Shino / Sai: Both
Naruto: Wait Me Yuukimaru!

Tobi: Does the child control Sanbi? Oh. This is critical. I have to tell Senpai! D... Deidara Senpai!

Sanbi halt. Yuukimaru eventually runs out of chakra.
Rinji: That's limitations. Silence is still a child. He runs out of chakra.
Sanbi air missile to shoot Yuukimaru direction. This time it destroyed part of the canyon and almost fall Yuukimaru. Yuukimaru hold on the cliff edge that is not falling.
Yuukimaru: I must save them!
Yuukimaru to successfully ascend cliffs
Yuukimaru: I must save them...!
Sanbi back with a bullet to shoot water. Yuukimaru intercept.
Yuukimaru: Do not approach. Guren san Guren is ... where my return is.
Sanbi returned fire with water projectile. Guren sober and immediately bring Yuukimaru avoid.
Yuukimaru: Guren san
Guren: I will not let Yuukimaru killed! You're still here! Shoton shield pink!
Yuukimaru protected shield crystal.
Yuukimaru: Guren san.
Guren: If you stay here, you will be safe from all types of attacks. Silence there and watch me.
Yuukimaru: be careful! Guren san!
Guren: I do not fear!
Guren ran toward Sanbi
Naruto: I came upon Yuukimaru!
Guren fight against Sanbi. Sanbi shoot bearing water. Guren avoid the fast.
Guren: I have him from Yuukimaru.
Naruto had been in the range of attacks Sanbi. Kakashi as well which is located behind Naruto. Naruto and kakashi avoid water Sanbi bullet.
Kakashi: We should not dally ... Naruto!
Naruto: Yuukimaru. Where are you?
Guren: Kessho Rokkaku shuriken Ranbu
Guren attacks with shuriken crystal but it is no means for Sanbi.
Guren: Yuukimaru toward him, I will not let you. I must stop it even if it somehow.

Yuukimaru: Guren san
Yuukimaru fainting in the crystal shield.

Guren create two crystal dragons. However Sanbi destroy easily.
Guren: This has not been completed. Shoton: Hachi no Suishoheki Jin
Sanbi isolated crystals.
Guren: I guess, My Chakra almost exhausted...
Naruto appears and see Guren
Naruto: He...!
naruto see crystals in the shield have someone
Naruto: Is that ... Yuukimaru?
Naruto through Guren
Guren: Konoha Ninja He.....
Suddenly the crystal is broken coop Sanbi
Guren What?
Crystal fraction off and some will overwrite Yuukimaru. Naruto bunshin to make two and be ready to keep Yuukimaru.
Naruto: This is huge
Guren create crystals that will befall Yuukimaru broken into part
Guren: I do not touch Yuukimaru will let you!
Naruto: I am here to take them from you. But before that. There seems to be I do!
Naruto and two bunshin attack sanbi. Naruto bunshin holds two reels and reels of fuuma shuriken. Fuuma shuriken not affect any of the Sanbi even disappear bunshin naruto bearing water.
Naruto against Sanbi
Naruto rasengan with Sanbi disciplines. Rasengan but there is no means for Sanbi
Naruto: shit. He was very strong. I do not see dot weakness.
Guren: You're so stupid?
Naruto: You want to fight with my invite?
Guren: The fact that there are sections that are protected, that means he has a point you do not want to attack.
Sanbi falling one his tail to Naruto. Naruto successfully avoid the Guren brought into the lake.
Guren: ... be seated. Only a little ... Change chakra into my life... Chakra point! Life and death!
Vortex to form the lake looks basically. . Guren increased over the
Naruto: Guren
Guren: Shoton arrow light
Guren shot eyes Sanbi
Naruto: Not eyeball may increase. That surely.
Naruto eye Sanbi attack
Naruto: rasengan!
Sanbi pain and go back into the water
Naruto: Success.... You're great. Then I will rest my task with you!
Sanbi sudden jump in the water from Naruto ago overwrite and Guren.
Crystal, which keeps Yuukimaru broken.
Kakashi cs up in the Yuukimaru
Kakashi: This child is discussed Naruto.
Kakashi brought Yuukimaru go.
Kabuto peep from a distance.
Kabuto: shit. This is big mistake. I must get back Yuukimaru.

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