25 June 2009

Naruto and Nagato (Pain Akatsuki)

Naruto and Nagato same student Jiraiya. Jiraiya never get a prediction that one of Jiraiya muridn change the world will become worse or better. Jiraiya was Minato that the suspect is a student Jiraiya will change the world better. Jiraiya Minato very confident because the very talented and even succeeded in becoming Hokage young age.

Pain Jiraiya met until the other is not Nagato. Jiraiya had to think that Nagato is that students who elected. Jiraiya on Nagato reveal about Rikudou Sennin. founder of the ninja who has a goal to bring peace to the world. Rikudou Sennin and Nagato equally have rinegan. Nagato has rinegan eyes. And now nagato de yure is the leader of Akatsuki. Nagato aspire destroy the world. Jiraiya then believe that Nagato is a student who is elected will make the world worse.

Shortly before death, Jiraiya Naruto actually remember that the students selected this. Jiraiya Naruto will sure to change the world better.

Differences in opinion about the attitude of the Nagato naruto, if you want to forgive or not.

Of them not only as students but also Jiraiya similarity, namely the desire for peace, but how they differ. They want their own justice.

This makes nagato Pain or destroy Konoha. Some opinions say, Naruto will not be sorry to give Nagato or Pain is because too many people do not become victims of sin. Not only the severity Pain. When successfully overcome salamender hanzou (Shinobi that most can not even beaten by Jiraiya, tsunade and orochimaru at the time of the war) he also amegakure slaughter all the residents from infants, children, women, and parents do not feel guilty kill him without pity. Naruto will not be sorry to give Pain, after what he has to do is kill Jiraiya, kakashi, hinata injure, destroy konoha and kill hundreds of ninja from various countries.

If so then what is said correctly that the system Minato ninja there, then the cycle hatred will never have utmost.

Another opinion says naruto certainly sorry to give nagato if naruto killed nagato means the same as naruto ninja-ninja the other.

Naruto will remember the words jiraya a day in which the ninja will understand and forgive each other. Naruto will not kill nagato. But in the end naruto will work with nagato to fight akatsuki.

Naruto is not to be vengeful nagato because if naruto killed nagato, not all problems will be resolved. Hatred will appear again from the various parties to support the Pain, and the war will happen again.

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