24 June 2009

Jiraiya Student (Nagato or Pain, Konan and Yahiko)

Jiraiya taking Nagato or Pain with Konan and Jiraiya yahiko as a student after the collapse of the Jiraiya Hanzou. Nagato have the trauma of ugly Konoha ninja. Nagato did not hate Jiraiya as the konoha ninja ninjutsu and even learn to Jiraiya. Pain reason to not hate Jiraiya Jiraiya and practice with the same sasuke with students who are willing to be orochimaru. Nagato pain or simply want to gain strength because the strength that they can take revenge.

Jiraiya in Ame Gakure leave Konoha for 3 years and lived in Ame Gakure to train Nagato, Konan, and yahiko. Which the singularity is forming in the organization akatsuki Pain leads is not known by Jiraiya.

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