13 June 2009

Communication Jutsu Pein Akatsuki

Communication distance is long-distance communication jutsu the organization Akatsuki. Members present in the form of remote hologram. Pein gather all the members to remove the bijuu from the body jinchuriki. With this the head of akatsuki jutsu does not need to gather all the members to meet directly. Pein can meet the target mission quickly without waiting to meet with all members. Akatsuki members have the purpose and tasks of each, so this jutsu is very useful for akatsuki. Pein also explains the purpose of akatsuki through this jutsu. Pein akatsuki explain that the goal is to make the world into one command that he would like to lead. Pein wanted to stop the war that will continue to pop up with the formation of Pein.

Jutsu communication also have been used by tsunade. In the form of holography they can still perform like jutsu jutsu genryuu kyuu fuujin.

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