04 May 2009

Shikamaru Fight for Asuma (Confrontation Akatsuki)

From the death of asuma, shikamaru team eventually decided to pursue and capture the akatsuki members Hidan and kakuzu. At that time stunade does not because the team 10 or less a person that is Asuma. But kakashi offer ourselves to enter into their team and they eventually find Hidan and kakuzu.

On the way the team is 10 Shikamaru Nara, Choji Akimichi, Ino Yamanaka Kakashi Hatake, and met with Hidan and kakuzu are talking while they are running. They directly attack and fight finally happen.

Kakuzu ball of fire and removing the cause of the explosion. Hidan and Kakashi pursue their fight. Hidan tried injure Kakashi but Kakashi can stop. Kakashi Hidan and face each other in the distance was quite far. Shikamaru, Choji and ino about Kakashi. Kakashi uses sharingan has added four more times with raikiri. Kakuzu affected raikiri Kakashi was still alive because she can have 5 hearts in the form of a mask cover. To be able to kill Kakuzu they must destroy four more careful in the body. Kakuzu chakra circulation system connecting to a lot of heart, change her natural chakra to the owner. Kakuzu was collect the hearts of the Shinobi have been killed. Hidan Asuma spoke sneer that their teachers are not capable. You deserve it can not be against us. What's terrible is that stupid head. Chouji angry and ran towards Hidan. Chouji will hit Hidan with jutsu. Both hands clench up. Hidan be ready hand wound with his weapon but Chouji Shikamaru Hidan so use kagemane not injure Chouji. Chouji can not be moved. Hidan will jump and whip with his weapon but Chouji Kakashi protect. There was a battle against Kakashi Hidan. Shikamaru kagemane release.

Shikamaru Choji rebuke for not careless. Suddenly Kakuzu already have in front of Chouji. Chouji beat Kakuzu to back a little. Chouji to beat Kakuzu off. Kakuzu quickly be kicking in front of Chouji and Chouji.

Hidan Kakashi who still continue to pursue and dodge parry with kunai. Being tendril fire took Kakashi chase the ball and attack with fire. Tendril raiton being involved with the attack and chase the laser power from the mouth. Tendril futon beings do not want to pursue and attack behind Kakashi with a bullet air. Kakashi with nimble avoid all attacks.
Chouji sprawl in the hollow of a tree. Kakuzu prolong his hand and pulling Chouji ago. Kakuzu hands become premonition he is hand tighten. Then will beat Chouji. Attack with a kunai Ino, Shikamaru attack with kage nui. Kakuzu had to avoid. Being tendril attack Shikamaru raiton laser power. Kakuzu Shikamaru avoid hand stretching successfully stifle Ino. One more hand throttle Chouji, tendril bearing wind being back on the futon Kakashi. Katon tendril creature immediately attacked with the ball on fire and Kakashi. Hidan Kakashi approached the sprawling on the ground. Hidan surprised because the wood is in hit. Kakashi of the original pull.

Shikamaru roll out a transcript labeled water ago in putting down. Shikamaru hand and seal to twist and turn out the water and drown it to the bottom of the foot Kakuzu. Being tendril attack Shikamaru raiton with laser power. Shikamaru eschew electricity and water on the stream to Kakuzu. Shikamaru throw kunai with paper bombs. Kakuzu release hand to hand and seal to form a wall of water prevent bomb Shikamaru. Ino and Shikamaru take a Chouji Kakashi. Hidan watch rescue efforts Chouji and Ino. Hidan Kakuzu about.

Meanwhile, talking to Kakashi shikamaru that to defeat Hidan kakuzu and they must be separate them separately. After making them not be able to perform combo attacks, the focus for the remaining four hearts.

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