26 May 2009

Naruto Shippuden 100

Pier destroyed by the tsunami. Rinji and other debris out of the wood-debris.

Rinji: You do not do anything?
Kihou: It seems so

Naruri the current form of liquid to return to human form.

Rinji: It looks like Konoha ninja are not around here. But I do not know the situation that occurred
Kigiri: billow before that what? And I also heard something cry what do Guren and other?
Rinji: Probably better for us if we do not know

Gozu appears from the water and walk to the forest

Rinji: Gozu. To you

Gozu running to the forest

Gozu: Yes.... Where Guren san?
Rinji: I do not know
Gozu: You should be able to find him
Rinji: We do not know anything. I suddenly do not bat respond. I get stuck
Gozu walk back to the forest
Rinji: Hey. Where you want to?
Gozu: he may be injured
Rinji: Hey, he can find.... Hey Gozu.
Rinji holding arm to prevent Gozu to forest.
Rinji: Oh. He loves on Guren apparently....

Naruto: Oops ... Bad luck. I am very sick. Oh yes. He
Naruto remember the Yuukimaru
Naruto: What's he doing with those Orochimaru?
Naruto: child.... Whether it is my mistake?

The thick fog
Naruto: damn. Fog is
Suddenly Naruto are in another world. Objects fly around. A cut in the bed in front of it. Someone sleeps there. He Sasuke

Naruto: Where I am? Sasuke
Suddenly your face appears in front of Orochimaru
Orochimaru: Do not participate in the intervention
Naruto: Why you? What will you do on Sasuke?
Orochimaru: I will start tensei no jutsu
Naruto: What's that?
Orochimaru: That's desires. He will get the power.... And I will get him
Naruto: We will bring Sasuke back to the village
Orochimaru: Stupid. He did not want it
Naruto: However, the home is a place where people still have of you. I believe that....

Orochimaru: Is that?
Naruto: Sat up...
Naruto with the rasengan attack Orochimaru
Kakashi: Wait Preview Naruto
Naruto Kakashi holding hands and prevents the attack Kiba Naruto beat up the head with a rasengan.
Kiba: Wow. Nearly all
Naruto: Kakashi sensei?
Kiba: Hey, we finally find you. But what you do?
Naruto: But, before there Orochimaru here...

Kiba: I do not smell any odor
Kakashi: ... It seems it has only the illusion

Naruto: Hah? But...
Entourage arrived the other
Yamato: What are you OK? Naruto
Kakashi: It seems we all have come together
Shino: But does not mean the problem is completed. Look
Shino kikaichuu show that spin in the hands
Kakashi: This...

Shino: They began to behave strange. Their direction very short. We can not use them to find the trail
Kiba: Hey. You're serious?
Yamato: This started after a thick fog.
Kakashi: Naruto even see the illusion, it seems this is not usual fog. Naruto . What's going on in the lake?
Naruto: It's ... Turtle giant rage, people who attack us before being to fight.
Yamato: Hmmm?
Kiba: What? Turtle? Hey, you say incredible chakra which is turtle?

Naruto: Sat up. We are actually saying that. And turtle is the cause of the tsunami. Gamakichi word is Sanbi...
Sakura: Sanbi? There bijuu appear here?
Naruto: Maybe ... but I am not clear how many have his tail...
Yamato: Senpai...
Kakashi: When I have felt that we already know their targets, we arrive at the other things that also confusing ... we have to evacuate to a place where fog is we can not reach. Then we will rethink the data that we have strategies and thinking about next

Yuukimaru still waiting for the Guren them selves. Guren dreamed a woman guard. Guren and dreamed he was with Orochimaru. Then Guren dreamed a woman killed in the snow. The blood of the woman over to tsubaki white to red. Guren awakened
Guren: what it is before?

Yuukimaru: Guren san.
Guren: Yuukimaru? Oh ya ... I fight with Sanbi and lost consciousness. I do not think that Sanbi have so much strength. Major tsunami before we wipe out the possibility. If Konoha ninja moves, I want to join the Rinji and the other, but in this fog ... what happens to the Sanbi?

Yuukimaru: I do not know. Suddenly it deserted.
Guren: So ya
Yuukimaru: But I am happy Guren san sober. Guren san complain continually over time. You do not want to wake up how many times shall I memanggilmu
Guren: So he continued with me during the time I do not see themselves. If so what if we now find that other
Yuukimaru: Yes. But...
Guren: What?
Yuukimaru: Somewhat strange, I have no strength in my body
Guren brow and hold the cervix Yuukimaru
Guren: You get a fever again. Since when?

Sai and Hinata flying birds increased ink
Hinata: Byakugan
Hinata see chakra in the blue lake
Hinata: Wow amazing
Sai: You see things
Hinata: Yes. Get us back
Sai: Okay

Sai and Hinata Kakashi back on
Kakashi: What?
Hinata: Yes. I have confirmed that fog is not haphazard. There chakra in it and again, the chakra shroud lake. The amount is very unusual large
Yamato: It seems we properly concluded in this fog in output by Sanbi
Kakashi: I said that the Naruto, fog has the effect hallucination it seems like kekkai
Yamato: dangerous if near the lake
Naruto: Oh no, he is still there

Kiba: He?
Naruto: Sakura, remember me when you say that I met someone while in our journey here.
Sakura: Yes correct
Sai: Oh yes. When you talk in that
Naruto: stop politely said no. The point, he was still in the lake. In the fog
Kakashi: Lake
Naruto: Please Kakashi sensei! He is not ninja. I must find if he was OK
Kakashi: Sorry Naruto, I can not be allowed...

Naruto: Kakashi sensei
Kakashi: Sanbi was shocking and almost kill your friends. The act itself is dangerous
Naruto: I know that but...
Kiba: Kakashi sensei ... But the problem is ... what we should do now. Whatever has happened? We are too far from the hideout search Orochimaru

Kakashi: Yes. The situation has been up for making a hasty decision, but I have to send Pakkun return to Konoha. We will wait until you can command from the same Tsunade. While waiting, we must remain in the area outside the fog while Sanbi or supervise these people. Understand?
All: Ya Pakkun: That is essentially
Hokage: I heard Sanbi disappeared after the last big war, but if he appears again in this form...
Pakkun: Orochimaru has been involved in a matter of making
Shizune: Akatsuki But also, the search for bijuu. Perhaps the fact that we find is the first good news

Hokage: Yes. But if you get Akatsuki, the battle will be getting Sanbi. We can not give anyone the

Shizune: So we'll catch it?
Hokage: Kurasa this will not be easy, but harmless in the attempt
Hokage write something on paper and give the Shizune
Hokage: I will find the information in the documents that we have. I want you to call members of the kutulis in this paper.
Shizune: Understanding

Hospital - operating room

Iryonin four people out of the operation. One of them is Ino.
Ino: Done a birds perch in the window. Ino know that the call for

Field practice

Gai and Lee are trained Tenten. Lee and Tenten bound. Tenten is very tired
Tenten: I am not strong anymore...
Lee: We just started Tenten. Indeed, the new challenge starts now
Gai: Words of lee. Hahaha. Words that indicate weaknesses in the middle period your young is forbidden, Tenten
Lee: Yes. Partnermu to know and see the backs of others. Practice a skill in taijutsu to form collaborations that are not invincible. Let's do
Tenten: And try to stay in rhythm make me fatigue
Gai: Hmm. Lee, what the purpose of this exercise?
Lee: Hah? Collaboration with a friend. This exercise is to build synergy
Gai: True. But do you feel is in harmony with Tenten now?
Lee: He was breathing heavy with. Oh no. I understand Gai sensei. I seem unduly hard for him
Gai: That my new student. You quickly find out

Tenten: We have been training nonstop for five hours. No matter how many bodies that butterfly, I no longer strong
Lee: I still have many
Gai: lee Okay. After Tenten can breathe with the calm, we continue training. I will do taijutsu attacks without forgiveness, so fight with all your power
Lee: Okay Gai sensei
Tenten: It will continue on longer? Hey look. We are called
A bird fly above their
Gai: Okay, we continue after you return. Go, you two. Show results on their weight and length of exercise time

Hokage building

Hokage: That's the core problem. Kalian akan help Kakashi and the other who had first arrived. You definitely have to know at this time that the most important at this time is to fuin on Sanbi
Shizune: Fuin on Sanbi require the chakra that is fine. Iryonin consisting of I and Ino Sakura and Hinata added that there has been formed unit akan fuin
Ino: Okay. I do the best
Hokage: Lee Tenten and I expect to fill the cleft left Hinata and Sakura. During the enemy mengincar Sanbi, not confrontation akan terelakkan
Tenten: Let us
Lee: We will fight with the spirit of our youth
Pakkun: I will lead the way to the place

Guren looks to keep the fever Yuukimaru
Guren: This will not be running if you're sick. This is the second time I nurse. What pill is it? It seems I must avoid the enemy during the fight with him there. Hey Yuukimaru. Wake up
Yuukimaru: (awakened) appeared. A place where I can go home ... on the Guren is san. Finally, I find

Naruto sat down in a canyon. Sakura appears behind him
Sakura: We should be on the next shift. She Naruto
Sakura approached Naruto
Sakura: Do not thing
Naruto: Sakura chan . We are thinking. But I can not find the answer. At the time I practice. Ero sennin say something to me
Sakura: Jiraiya same
Naruto: Wherever someone of you are home
Sakura: Words of but whether it is correct? If that is true, then if we still think someone then that person will go home right?
Sakura: Yes. I also like to think so. But no matter whatever you often think a person, there is also no will again. This is difficult ... so you’re thinking to reach someone there
Naruto: Yes. If we give up ... and no longer think that he is sad...
Sakura: Yes. If we surrender, then truly there is no home to go back again. Yes. No matter what they say. We must still understand and create a place where he can freely go home at any time
Naruto: Sakura chan
Sakura: Okay
Naruto: You're correct. We do not do surrender. I feel better. Thank you Sakura chan
Sakura: I will return to my position. In thirty minutes, two people will replace us. So keep alert
Sakura go
Naruto: Sakura chan Thank you. He was correct. Yes. No matter what they say, just think about it. But if he did not have a place to return...
Naruto jump into the fog and ran to the forest

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