23 April 2009

Sasuke vs Deidara

At the time of the mission find Itachi, Deidara Sasuke meet. Sasuke who has met with Deidara and perform high-level contention. Deidara issued a secret that moment he said he only used it when fighting itachi. Deidara takes own clay and make a replica of her body.

Sasuke is suppose to see a replica of the bomb was large, but in fact it is a bomb that makes objects in the area around it became extinct in tatters. Sasuke is a moment to read it make duplicates as though he is exposed to the moment. When Deidara stop because Sasuke has been overcome, a sudden attack by direct been Sasuke. Deidara runs out of the intellect that explosion blow himself up to resemble very large atomic bomb. Sasuke successfully escaped with severe injuries as he called Manda, a giant snake and into his mouth. Manda own death. Naruto and the group also felt the other members of Akatsuki's chakra strength Deidara, Naruto and other groups immediately to the explosion was. Suigetsu roll out the image immediately snakes out Manda affected by genjutsu Sasuke. Meanwhile was named head of Akatsuki Pein Akatsuki women and members met Uchiha Madara (Tobi) and Uchiha Madara command to capture naruto. Meanwhile itachi and naruto meet and fight but it was defeated, but only illusions itachi.

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