06 April 2009

Sai Naruuto Shippuuden

ANBU Sai is a division that comes from the roots. Motto is the roots do not have feelings, friends, home, and the past. They have only mission. So make Sai does not have the ability to feel and express emotions. Sai own name is the codename given to him danzo, while the original name does not diketahui.Awalnya the Roots; Sai met a "friend" who is considered a sister who also has a chance drawing hobby. He is very happy to look forward together with the "sister" a mission together. However, my sister and then died because of a disease that makes Sai alone again and again to be not high.

Sai is the name of the password and the name does not have a certain knows. He was wearing a black dress with asymmetric arms, use of gloves, and shirt open at the navel. And straight black hair, black eyes also. He always shows the artificial smile, because he learns in the book that smile can melt and the atmosphere can deceive people. Is also very dirty mouth, he often says things without expression a bit dirty, so make a Naruto and Sakura are very irritated him. The unique in said this gave a sizeable impact on the monster women Haruno Sakur. Now, one of the hobbies grows poorly Haruno Sakura: Sai stepmother to dying. Sai hobby is drawing, but of the hundreds of pictures he made, none of the images the give name because he does not feel anything at the time of drawing.

Sai including a unique ability, he uses techniques that can make objects that become evident draw medium with special paper. He can make a mouse, bird, tiger, and even disappear with this medium.

Sai is the beginning of the appearance, when he received the mission and his codename from Danzo, roots leaders. Then he "attacks" Naruto only as an experiment. Naruto, Chouji, and Shikamaru ago against Sai. But Sai vague and fled. After how long, Tsunade called Naruto and Sakura, to be given guidance to their temporary team. That is, while the replacement kakashi, Yamato, and replacement sasuke, sai. But naruto sakura and sai is not like that because said rough and dirty. In fact, he received from hit raw sakura.

On the way there, the team captain Yamato as 7 in order to provide guidance while Naruto, Sakura, and Sai can work together as a team and a good friend. That their goal is to find a detective Sasori shipment that is Kabuto. But Kabuto was only pretend to serve behind the attack Sasori and Yamato. Snegit action can not be avoided.

Sai successfully escaped and encountered Orochimaru, while his friends are busy calm the naruto berserk. He then submits them to orochimaru.

Sai ago by Sasuke with orochimaru. Ago he first felt the fear of extremes, with only eyes to see sasuke. He said that Naruto ago considered as brothers, but Sasuke says that he only has 1 brother, that he should be killed.

Sai ago led to a room. Ago he was locked in there, and open a bingo book containing a list of photographs of people that he should be killed, including images Sasuke in it. Yamato Then come and smashes the door, and actually asks the purpose of the Sai Orochimaru. Sakura ago asks about the destruction of konoha when Danzo help konoha destruction by Orochimaru. But Sai does not seem to care; he said that he only owned danzo equipment, which does not have feelings. He also said that the bingo book is a picture that he presents to the sister has died.

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