11 April 2009

Naruto Shippuuden Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno is the forefront of a Shinobi women and the most beautiful of Konohagakure. Characteristics-characteristics are red young, beautiful, interesting, captivating, graceful, talented and good-hear ted. He was wearing a red shirt with a bright white circle in the back. He is the only medical ninja in team 7 so that he always be protected and safety as the number one mission in any way. Sakura act to Tsunade, Hokage fifth, in the field of medical ninjutsu. Only in two years he successfully inherit the expertise of all teachers. That makes it as a class one medical ninja, Tsunade and Shizune at, or with level Kabuto Yakushi, grandmother Chiyo and Sasori. He has also been used as the sole heir to girls Fifth Hokage. Kakashi even said that Sakura can be in excess of Putri Kunoichi Tsunade. Sakura ability is indicated when he fight against Sasori from the Akatsuki.

Sakura is the perfect type of girl, with the eyeball cornea color green, pink hair, extraordinary beautiful, bright white skin, sharp nose, lips tiny, well-ideal, intelligent, clever, cheerful, good-hear ted, abstinence surrender, determined strong, persistent, the spirit, but also very sloppy when on matters related to Sasuke (when Sasuke leave Konoha) or Naruto (when changed to Kyubi Naruto in part II). Sakura is Sasuke love. They want say when Sasuke leave the village and prevent it. But Sasuke just said 'thank you, Sakura and Sakura hit unconscious that is not involved in the danger approaching Orochimaru. Sakura also dote Naruto, as evidenced when he mourn Naruto Kyubi post the changes into four tails, he was not useful because it can not prevent Naruto become violent.

Sakura Haruno always praised by all teachers because control brains cakra perfect, than children in the academy age. He, like most other girls Konohagakure like Sasuke Uchiha and gauge, ninja cool the cold and uncommunicative. Face is a man who wishes revenge on the brother, Itachi Uchiha, who kill the Uchiha clan except Sasuke. Sakura is very popular among children is also preferred Konohagakure ninja many men, especially Naruto Uzumaki. Sakura has been fed to him, Naruto will bigotry. He began to fly without the wham disincline according to him, if Naruto has begun to "recurrent" or the start he and Sakura or court dates. Sakura does not like the attitude that Naruto childlike and like-jutsu sexy jutsu is actually useful, such as "Sexy no Jutsu." Sakura also resentful attitude will Konohamaru, the grandson of Hokage to-3, a follow-women-like section Naruto. Jutsu mainstay Sakura in Naruto The Movie is Sakura Fubuki no Jutsu. Jutsu the patent when it is young people age tread Shannaroo, not a moment that is taught directly by Tsunade Princes.

When passed the academy, Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto is included in the team under the guidance of 7 Kakashi. They were given a very difficult test, with determination and Naruto, they can pass the tests. Team 7 also began running its mission as a Konoha ninja. Sakura Sasuke always praise with cold. He also does not like to be recommended by Naruto. In the country Nami, Sakura fight furiously to protect the builders of great architects.

Sakura is the daughter of a not very confident when still small. Then Ino Yamanaka generate a sense of belief itself with a red ribbon to set long. Sakura blossom girl who became de-pe and popular of that time. Ino so angry and jealous, but try to hide the taste mixture order they want to maintain the friendship and envy. However, it did not survive long because when Sasuke like Sakura, Ino liked Sasuke also start. In order to ensure that they do not hurt each other, Sakura have decided that their friendship and when they graduate school, Sakura return of the ribbon on Ino. With a red ribbon, they officially rival. I prefer Sakura Sasuke began to increase in the admiration of a true love, but not yet realized that Ino Sakura really love the Sasuke and assume that Sasuke is in love. Sasuke vice versa, not care Ino incompetent behavior that coquettish and self-absorbed, opposite of Sakura. He was also careful elegance will Sakura on the other children and he himself (except for Naruto, Sakura exterminator for the historical time with Sasuke).

At first Sakura becoming a team with Naruto and Sasuke, always feel weak because most do not have any skills when compared with the theme-another. He does not even have any special power to fight like the Hinata, Ino and Tenten. The only ability to remove the Genjutsu is just because he is Genjutsu, that is why he is the only successful escape from the moment the property Shintenshin Ino. Sakura has a perfect control dial, above the average. He then act specifically on Tsunade Namakuji. Tsunade Sakura is the ability to control cakra sting carefully to even the smallest details. At the age of 12 years, Sakura has the ability to deliver good medical Ninjutsu. He succeeded in becoming a Ninja Medical class, with the ability higher than Ino Yamanaka. sakura Haruno Shinobi holds the status of women in the prestigious village of Konoha Gakure.

In the first mission to the country Nami, 7 teams, including the Sakura are given a mission to oversee Tazuna, an architect of the country. But in the middle of the road they are attacked by Zabuza Momochi and Haku. Fortunately they flush Kakashi successfully, but suffered injuries severe enough.

Time passed and the Chunin exam was performed. Team 7 is recommended to follow this test.
After two and a half years had passed, Sakura and Naruto go back to the team to run mission 7. They were given directly to A-level mission to provide assistance to countries that are losing Suna Gaara, Kazekage them. In the country Suna, they find that Kankurou is in critical condition after the fight against Sasori, a member of Akatsuki. The poison spread in the body Kankurou, who comes from one of the dolls made Sasori is a rare and toxic death so that medical teams Suna no country can find. Sakura finally successful cure Kankurou with sedative poison, and honor, unexpected and untold of Sunagakure. Sakura ago continue the journey to save Gaara, along with Naruto, Kakashi, Chiyo, and a grandmother who does not is a grandmother of Sasori. The story progresses, until in the end Sakura works with fathers to defeat Sasori Chiyo. Grandmother Chiyo and Sakura face Sasori of the Akatsuki cave hideout. Initially the successful Sakura Sasori Hiruko the moment crusher 'Shannaroo' Sasori of force appeared to exist originally. In a war that shows the ability Sakura, during which he had never seen small. When that is the war, grandmother Chiyo and Sasori finally realized that Sakura is a girl who is very powerful, similar to Tsunade. Sakura is not very easy though poison of Sasori kugutsu many times harm the body. He even had time to save grandmother Chiyo until he punctured own sword Sasori's death, but he still defend with determination to save Gaara. Sakura also narrowly lost their lives when a grandmother Chiyo does not provide some chakra. In the end Sasori was successfully destroyed, grandmother Chiyo heart puncture with a sword.
In the remnants of the last soul, Sasori Sakura finally meet the demand, which has been slightly touched his heart. He tells Sakura that Orochimaru will meet with him again in not long bridge Tenchi. Sakura grandmother Chiyo trust because the nature of similarity and their attitudes. That is the end of the story of Chiyo Sakura provides advice on medical ninja to be pure and great as he and Tsunade, the teachers also rely on his life and Sakura Shizune, student. Meanwhile, Naruto and Kakashi chase Deidara Gaara bring. At that time, Gaara does not have a soul because Shukaku was taken by the Akatsuki team with their jutsu. Grandmother Chiyo and Sakura that Sasori was successfully overcome, and then follow Naruto and Kakashi have to get that back from Deidara Gaara who fled after dropping out of hand because the Mangekyou Sharingan Kakashi. At the end of the story, a grandmother died because of Chiyo share chakra to life for Gaara, the Kazekage of Suna.
Search Sasuke

Due to fatigue using Mangekyou Sharingan, Kakashi can not carry out the mission, so should be replaced temporarily by Yamato. But most of the Sakura is Sasuke namely Sai. For Sakura, even though Sasuke has similarities with, Sai is the sharp tongue that can not read the situation and do not have feelings. Sakura is often hit because according to him Sai Sai is very unreasonable attitude, hurt like Naruto and Sakura with Sasuke (say that Sasuke is such a waste decay and insect village traitor). Team 7 is assigned ago to meet eye-eye on the bridge Sasori Tenchi. On the way, Sai, Sakura, and Naruto will be threatened if the enclosure can not be a friend themselves by Yamato. But Sakura is to realize that solidarity is the key, start trying to be good at Sai. He started talking about the simple picture Sai and finally he himself interested in the mysterious property of the picture book Sai sisters.

They were four to the bridge and directly attacked Tenchi Kabuto and Orochimaru. Naruto Kyubi instantaneous changes to the tail and all four are around him. Sakura, the first time to see the changes exist Naruto, ran directly to stop. Heart feel sick and sad to see Naruto turn into grisly monster. But Naruto is loss of consciousness human beings, even attack Sakura. Wound gape width and heat in the left arm Sakura. Yamato pressing save Sakura and Naruto. While still unconscious Naruto, Sakura give him medical help. See the tears and determination to help Sakura Naruto, Yamato almost say that the 'Sakura actually really like Naruto, but Naruto got up earlier so that words do not forward.

Confrontation Akatsuki

Sakura only appears briefly in this section. He came as a team help the team with Kakashi Yamato, Naruto and Sai. Sakura can finally be a friends with Sai that Sakura appreciate help give a feeling for him. Sakura easily with Captain Yamato, and Sai since he was familiar. He served Sai and Shikamaru and seek help, but have been delayed because Shikamaru beat Hidan, a new member of Akatsuki to kill Asuma teacher and teachers pet.

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