16 April 2009

Hinata Hyuuga Naruto Shippuuden

Hinata is the child of extremes gentle, wise, loving, tolerant, courageous, tenacious, independent, sociable, popular, humble, open, patient, sensitive person, loving, loyal friends, quiet, diligent, independent, abstinence surrender, generous, diligent, very happy to think of others & take them, assertive, social, loyal, sensitive, polite, hold long, simple, naive and do not like violence. This makes his father preferred to train her brother stronger than Hinata without heed that time is positive & optimistic spirit that has a strong mental and value the noble life. Hinata added to the team Kurenai after graduating from the academy.

Hinata is naruto contemporary colleagues the most young. At the age that is still very young (precisely since the Hinata-chan five), with the hard & sincere, Hinata & receive the treatment that hard, rough, brutal harassment & a lot of people [especially from Hyuuga Neji Hyuuga Hiashi. Special to suffer the anguish inside, Hinata become quite close. Hinata could not tell on anyone [including Yuuhi Kurenai Hinata who already own as his mother] because hinata not want to burden anyone with the problem, besides Hinata never stop hoping they will conversion. Hinata is the girl who is always extremely careful to believe in the goodness of all sentient life, especially human. Hinata even reply to their crimes with the severity & first forgive all their infamy with the sincere & spacious chest. In the mission, he is a member of the shy and gentle.

Characteristics than the tan-Hinata face, body, skill, mind, heart & personality that is perfect is a very shy, which is the original character. Despite the resilience of physical weakness, is fond & fell pity on anyone who makes it easy to set up & a very fragile Kunoichi Hinata is the natural talent & ability medical ninja world number 1. Hinata always cover the physical beauty of elegance dent body with a fantastic jacket & wear thick flake. Comparable with the beauty, Hinata is the only Kunoichi 7 elements of the well in the age of 11. Hinata attack 100% accuracy (level with Yakushi Kabuto & Haku). Byakugan is the ability and knowledge martial Hyuuga clan, or Jyuuken & soft cuff treatment. Jyuuken very simply by turning off the soft touch can destroy organs in enemy. She can also stop the flow of chakra hes enemy using jyuuken. Hinata is very rarely use the moment which in this case, Hinata-chin is similar to the Haku, they will be paired in the most harmonious if Naruto Haku is still alive.

Chuunin Exams

When the examination is held, Kurenai register team members to participate. Hinata also follow this test with the team. When the written examination paper, held the answer he gave to Naruto, but Naruto & Direct even rejects by Naruto. Testing was conducted survival ago. Hinata and successfully pass the final selection. He dealt with Neji, which is not another cousin sister who still harbors resentment at the Hinata & love. Hinata is Neji's first love. Neji & Hinata love each other with all their heart. Hinata Neji love as brother love with the sister man soft & tender. When they are five, the father Neji (Hyuuga Hizashi) the expense of their own soul in order to maintain Hinata still alive (though Hinata not want anyone dead only to protect it) & keep communicating with Neji. Broken hearts & revenge on his father's death, the private Neji become cynical, pessimistic, scandalous, selfish, abusive & sadist. Neji with Hinata cruel disciplines, but Hinata still rise up to finally by Yuuhi Kurenai & Maito Gai. Rivalry with Neji Hinata ended with the defeat in dignity.

After this incident, Kurenai the compound in the protection and favorite daughter (Hinata) beloved. His fight with Neji also result in increasing the number of fans Hinata (Aburame Shino, Inuzuka Kiba, Kabuto Yakushi & much again), which increases sympathy towards safety simultaneously overprotective. Because the injured & bleeding everywhere due in break Neji, Hinata had finally died & successful life again because of the high spirit of his life.

Hinata was watching Neji vs Naruto fight, but because of fainting due to injury his fight with Neji. He was treated by a mysterious ANBU Kabuto who is actually undercover. Appear once if Kabuto gave special attention & love Hinata. Against Kabuto Hinata will repeat this in front of Naruto & Yamato Kabuto at the books that contain information about the akatsuki.

Hinata in Part II

Search Sasuke

Senju Tsunade now formed a new team, and Tim Sasuke go after the death of Orochimaru. The team that created this Tsunade of Naruto, Sakura, Sai, Kakashi, Yamato, Kiba, Hinata, and Shino. Kakashi ago they again share a group of one of them is paired with dogs Kakashi summoning. Meanwhile, Yamato and Naruto with Hinata as shield.

Hinata only glance appear in volume 32 with long hair & beauty beautiful natural groove with the more mature body attention. Beauty inside & outside the more prominent over the increased skill level & as Chuunin. He has been back to see Naruto.

When Naruto against Pain in Konoha and is recessive, Hinata Naruto come and help. At that, Naruto Hinata to help him forbid, this is the time to love Hinata says Naruto. Pain in the attack by the moment shinra tensei by the black sword to Hinata. Naruto and very angry and turned into six half-Kyubi.

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