08 March 2009

Naruto Chapter Jiraiya Students

Jiraiya is one of the legends that have sennin three students. The three students are 4 Hokage or Namikaze Minato, Pein Akatsuki Organization Chairman, and Naruto.

4 Hokage or Namikaze Minato

Namikaze Minato or yondaime is one of the students who are very talented Jiraiya. Nickname is the yondaime konoha yellow skin. Yondaime is the moment to pursue very fast.

Yondaime rasengan moment is the creator of the current used by Naruto. By rasengan, Naruto can defeat many opponents who are very strong as of Akatsuki Kakuzu.

The Youngest Hokage yondaime is available. While destroying Konoha Kyuubi yondaime is the person who can seal Kyuubi into Naruto's body with a moment of exchange coupon own soul.

Leader of the Organization Akatsuki Pein

Pein is one of the students Jiariya which can be the most talented among the three students. Pein talent because he has the Sage of the Six Paths or eyes Rikudou. Even doing that has never happened before in the Shinobi world.

Since the new age of 10 years Pein can control the use of six types of manipulation of natural disc completely alone. He has the ability to use any type of ninjutsu that he wants.

While kill Jiraiya, Pein even kill easily. Jiraiya has even issued a secret technique Hermit Mode Ni Dai Sennin, but not yet equal that Pein has 6 bodies. With this body to six Pei
n easily destroy Konoha Village. Even Stunade, Kakashi and the ninja in konoha can not do a lot of the horror Pein.

Kyuubi Naruto

Among the three students Jiraiya Naruto is Jiraiya obscene student
s who can not say most talented, and foolish. But Naruto has a distinctive compared with the other ninja. Distinction that is the nature of the taboo naruto surrender.

Naruto is the most powerful ninja ever. The strength of the Kyuubi in Naruto Naruto can use to create the perfect disc. He can restore itself from the wound quickly. As the shado
w Jutsu requires the division of a large disc. Naruto is able to share it with the disc too. He can even take the time Rasengan in 3 days, even to the 4 hokage course within 3 years. Naruto Rasengan even refines your own technique with the given name fuuton. Fuuton is a combination of wind and the disc rotates.

Cakra with Kyuubi Naruto is suitable for the Pein who have the power without limit. After practice in the two-body Myobokuzan Pein naruto die in the strength of her sage.

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