30 March 2009

Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi is a former ANBU troops who now become the teacher of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. He is also known as "the ninja Kakashi Copycat", and perhaps the number of moment that he has reached 1000 copies. He is the son of Sakumo Hatakke the Konoha ninja genius which is called as 'Konoha no Shiroi Kiba' or white canine Konoha. At the time kid kakashi, his father is dead because his father after a suicide mission that requires that he choose between mission and her friend. Because events that befall his father, and since that time Kakashi began docile and obedient to the rules. Kakashi is a ninja genius like where his father at the age of 12 years he has become a Jounin. The Fourth Hokage Naruto's father at once is a kakashi teacher.

Kakashi characterized with glassy eyes, the white hair, the eyes covered konoha head protector, and always carrying books adult novel "Icha-Icha Paradise", and according to Sakura, Kakashi is not always install the face flushed and he does not have a visible influence. This unique Kakashi is the mouth and nose that has never shown. Kakashi nature of the most provoking for Naruto and his friends is a rare habit Kakashi came on time (late 3 days to 12 hours) for reasons such as the incompetent "I lost on the road called life," or "on the road I met an old woman,". Behind it, he has a bitter past. He is also clever word string. One of the most impressive sentence is: "ninja who violate the rules is called waste, but not considering the ninja friends are lower than trash." He often said this as he was by his friends grow I die in the mission, obito uchiha. Previously, he was a very important rule. Because the Kakashi Sharingan is not original, the use of any Sharingan Uchiha clan is not like the original, the property can not be lost kakashi Sharingan and continue to be active. Therefore, to avoid and hide kakashi wear blinkers and face. He is a "Sharingan No Kakashi" and "Copy Ninja Kakashi".

Kakashi is known as a ninja Knowledgeable Copycat. This capability is a sharingan in the left eye. Eye movement can be read up to three seconds before the accident. As the media can also Doujutsu jutsu or use the Sharingan eye. 1000 kakashi say mimics moment the enemy with this ability. He also has the ability to manipulate chakra, for example, the chakra in his hand, he was able to hand chakra shaped like a lightning strike to enemy. This technique is called regular Chidori or Raikiri. Chidori means "bird chirp in 1000" because it sounds caused by jutsu is similar to chirp like a bird (often written with the words "ckit .. ckit .."). While cutter raikiri means lightning, as they say Kakashi is able to cut lightning jutsu with Kakashi. Now time speed has been the use of seal jutsu. Example the moment when he Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu notabene that require 42 seal jutsu, he only used it with 4 seconds later, he also successfully activate the mangekyou sharingan (the strength of the high ball that can move things from dimension to dimension the end of the beginning), which he uses to throw a Deidara hand and Deidara explosion jutsu to another world. Kakashi can use some elements such as Land (Doton), Water (Suiton), Wind (Fuuton), Fire (Katon) and elements of Thunderstorms (Raiton). He can also use Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, and he also has the ability to seal (Seal Knowledge). Kakashi is a best Jounin in Konohagakure

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